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Adept II

Graphics card availability?

Hello people. Does anyone have an idea of when a AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT Graphics Card (or anything that would work with my iMac, even the 5000 series) might be available? I desperately need one so I can (hopefully) use redshift in Cinema 4D on my iMac. Last week I had a live chat with Kaleb, from South Dakota, who was very helpful. He told me to check the site on Thursday between around 11:30 - 3:00, and that for the previous two Thursdays the site was restocked at around the same time. So I checked, and they did become available at around 1pm, but I couldn’t get one. I think the site was overloaded with users. So today I tried again. I sat at my computer and refreshed the page every 20 seconds for 4 hours. All this week I’ve been checking the site to see if the chat might become available. And it never did. Does anyone know, is there a certain day of the week when the site might be restocked? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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Adept II

it´s like the lottery...

are you lucky or not


Thanks, that's very helpful. 


No, if seriously, i think there is just no other way, just to have  some luck, same story if you want to buy some ticket on rock concert or etc. if you are lucky you will buy it if not you will see a broken website's page.


Right, but, with no clue whatsoever as to when things might become available, should we just sit at the computer refreshing the page all day? 5-6 days a week? 

I'm pretty sure I've been perma banned from their website for refreshing so much at every drop... I click the add to cart button and it doesn't do a thing for me.


Today was a drop here....

but again too late


Really? Can I ask, how do you know there was a drop? Do you know what time it was? 


AMD changes the drop day and time, so only scalpers and other bot users are able to buy cards with reasonable money and make money selling them. Legit gamers have about ZERO change getting a card. It's so utterly brilliant.

Yup thats the truth, if only they could make a queue for Red Team members like EVGA does for its users then we could wait patiently without all the stress for our carts but instead they make it a disappointing rat race where only the scalpers and miners win.

We really need some sort of intervention to help level the playing field. I'll take any help that I can get. AMD is killing me. 

You boys are in the wrong country.

Nobody having to camp out here for days to TRY getting a card.

Sadly...the only folks who seem to be able to just walk right in and purchase cards without playing 'the game' are in the countries with no tariffs or taxes which affect costs to manufacturers.

For the cost some of the scalpers are demanding, you could hop on a flight, fly to this destination and purchase the card. Too **bleep** funny.



this is an old video...



Yes!....because Nvidia has been making 12GB cards forever and the RX6700 has been made for a very long time.

this is only politic...

not another things...

i love my country


I still distraught about wasting my work day time trying to buy a GPU on AMD direct this past Thursday only for there to be no drop, and then randomly move it Friday afternoon.

So much inconsistency with their drops that only helps Shoe Bots that have apps that actively scrape their Buy-Direct for when that 'add-cart" change comes available.  

Regular people don't have that time to invest on doing.

Yup totally sad its so hard to get one of these new cards, I don't see the situation changing though unless amd steps up to the plate and makes a queue system for us.

Given the level of discord, you'd think so kind of register-to-buy option would have been implemented months ago. Nvidia has many more options in terms of models. Despite the difficulty in getting any card, the perception is that it doesn't look that bad on their side. AMD, with basically three variants...none of which seem to ever show up for purchase, should have implemented this a long while ago. 


Adept I

Tried to reply to your question but was instantaneously marked as spam, for what, I have no idea. In short I've had luck with BestBuy on-line and Microcenter in store. Next possible stock available from BestBuy on-line is 4/27 10am-2pm EST. In store at Microcenter be in line before opening the earlier the better, like 4am.

Good luck

thanks! do you mean 4/27 for in-store at microcenter as well? if so, any particular location? or do you mean 4/27 just for online at Best Buy? 


DR has today again a random drop


you made a similar comment on Friday, and I asked, how do you know... but I didn't see a reply. can you tell me how you know there was a drop today?


Maybe I have good friends who working by AMD


There is a youtube stream that shows the drops including amd 24/7 Live stock alert for RTX 3060/TI/3070/3080/3090 6700/6800/XT/6900XT with sound for USA stores -...

however I just happening to be browsing their site when the 6700 XT showed up in stock and was able to place my order today. the stream has a 30 second delay so your best bet is to be browsing amd and keep refreshing (not too much so you don't get banned) and grab the drop that way.

thanks! what time and time zone was your purchase today please?


Around 11AM PST

Oh great swami Kegyetlen75 what is your prediction on today or tomorrow?

The masses are waiting 🤔



be already 


I'm ready, I'm ready I'm ready.



@ bigtroll - how much refreshing would you say is too much? is once every minute or two ok? 


I would say once every 5-10 seconds but if you constantly refresh like 1 per second after doing it a few times they will block your browser, it was said to use chrome incognito mode and after your blocked close browser and open again, but if there is an active drop and they block your browser by the time your back in usually the stock will be gone.

gotcha. thanks.


To many refreshes will result in an temporary IP ban that last about 15minutes, I have had this happen and had to use my phone to try for a card and that sucked.



Yep... looks for nothing

Yesterday’s random drops was the final....

I’m think they don’t drop cards...

only cpu 

There are no processors either.


I see  the 5800x online 


I too


I see nothing on my end