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Adept III

AMD Have really Screwed UP this time........ REALLY They coulda made a huge Market gain.

Well  I have come to realize that with every day that passes and NO OPTION to buy an AMD GPU at all unless of course you head over to EBAY,  in that case  there are TONS  and  I mean  a lot  of options to over pay for a 6800 XT  , 6800 , and even 6900  AMD GPU if you want to over pay no matter what.




The only thought I had was  WHAT IS AMD thinking ?   With New 3080 Ti coming out and  supposedly new 3080 Super series to try to get more RTX cards into people hands with possibly at lift to price and performance from NVIDIA's RTX  line  I cant for the life of me understand why AMD  hs not understood that for every day they waste or keep there Cards  out of there potential buyers hands  due to either  inflated Prices or NO Stock and or BOTH they are basically playing right into NVIDIA's hands and cutting off there own hands in gaining market share.



One last thing, AMD   next time  Dont  take a page out of NVIDIA marketing and release cards at  MSRP  and then have none available at that price.    Then to add insult to injury you come out and say  there will be no more Stock AMD cards available only to rescind that after pressure and complaints from everyone and anyone who cares about your Products...... I mean it really makes you look Bad.

If NVidia makes good on there promise to refresh there cards in  JAN  with there  RTX 3070 or RTX 3080  and prices are at near of better then AMD inflated  prices  Im finally going to get an RTX  because  after waiting 3 yrs now  ,  I  finally starting to think, it  about time ,  Ive waited too long.

LOVE AMD always will but at some point , enough is enough.

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Just did a search on Ebay.
I list the results and prices that I think are actually genuine sellers and prices. 

368 results for - that includes  RX6800XT results so it looks like ~ 368 - 170 = a grand total of:

198 RX6800 for sale. 
Lowest price w/o shipping = 


170 results for RX6800XT
Lowest price w/o shipping = 


The searches return mostly  6800/XT cards but also some PCs with the cards in them and some waterblocks. 

Looking for 6900XT returns  
137 results. 

Lowest price w/o shipping =

RE: inflated Prices or NO Stock and or BOTH they are basically playing right into NVIDIA's hands and cutting off there own hands in gaining market share.

The cards possibly  sold at MSRP originally? I do not know, neither do you. 
What happens after that is anyones guess. 
Which product do you think more profitable for AMD? 
New Ryzen 5950X or APUs for laptops or GPU consoles or GPU for AI/HPC or Radeon Pro GPU for business? 
Or do you think that large die size discrete Gaming GPU on expensive TSMC 7nm process technology where your competition uses cheaper and more power hungry Samsung 8nm is the place to make money?

RE: One last thing, AMD  next time  Dont  take a page out of NVIDIA marketing and release cards at  MSRP  and then have none available at that price. 

Nothing to do with Nvidia. 
AMD did exactly the same thing with RX Vega 64/56 - they were launched and reviewed with fake with subsidised card prices. 
Nothing new to be seen here. 
Old AMD tactic. 
Move along. 

The RX6000 series GPUs do seem to have been an improvement to Navi 10 RX5700XT, although lets see how RX6000 series GPU drivers perform. 

However, they are still behind Nvidia RTX3000 series which use worse process technology, in many areas.

RDNA2 GPUs are probably just a stepping stone to RDNA3, when AMD might also have an answer to Nvidia DLSS, Blender performance and CUDA Compute.  

I think AMD would need a new GPU architecture that absolutely thrashes Nvidia in all areas, including driver stability, using same process technology,  to take market share from Nvidia. 

 People in AMD who get paid to think about it probably know that, and likely focus on RDNA3 for gaming already.


What i was trying to convey is that AMD had a decent Card for the !st time in  a decade and by that I mean  a CARD that everyone was willing to buy.  They had a product that was very  very competitive in terms of price and performance.

They had now established it's self in the High end. 

After promising Tech reviewers that they had plenty of stock , many times  ( see Linus tech tips and others) even though they were asked many times that what if they had a product that many people have waited for years to purchase and AMD delivers a very nice competitive product, They ( AMD ) assured it reviewers that they had plenty of stock and there were no Issues.  I even recall the Tweet from AMD marketing guy saying they were very  secure and not  afraid of any issues with supplying cards. All you need to do is google it.


My point is , AMD should have came out and said that they were not ready to meet demand just yet upon release and the message should have been  " We were completely un prepared for the demand and will harder to  meet the demand this second time around.  They did none of that , all the did was release a statement saying there will be NO MORE  AMD Founder cards  and going forward only Partner cards for people to buy.......... Nice  way to enforce how you care about your  Supporters that have waited years for your product.

And yes  ,they  re negged  on that after on that and said that they will re sell there AMD Founders cards  but that was probably because of the bad press they got from that. 

And while i agree that Nvidia RTX is also scarce , they are available .  I could have bought  one already .

Anyways, again  if AMD dont  by next month  or Feb  earliest  it wont matter.  

I could be wrong but  it kills me to see what a missed opportunity  had here.

RE:  a CARD that everyone was willing to buy.

Not really, no. Not even at the "MSRP". 

RE: They had now established it's self in the High end. 

Rasterization performance is good on the games that were reviewed.

The rest? RayTracing, AI, DLSS, Productivity, Blender, GPU Compute you can actually use. Driver stability???

Nvidia will update their drivers to have "SAM" support, possibly improve 1080p/2K performance, launch 3080Ti with >=16GB of VRAM and that will be it. Game over for another generation. Wait for RDNA3. 

Adept II

I honestly think AMD needs to increase their prices. Only way to deter the scalpers. Call it a preorder price.


What planet are you living on?

They are Bleeping Idi*ts for claiming they didn't know demand wasn't going to be as high as it is.  I mean everyone is holed up at home because of this COVID bs and then the new tech promoting "4k actual gaming" that everybody has been holding out for! Really AMD!

And Then have a tenth of a percent of supply they would have normally had.

And Then have their PR doinks claim that they would take a $10 bet "that it wouldn't be like Nvidia's launch".

NO N DEN! And Then more than a month later nothing available?!? 

Nvidia is actually trickling out stock which is eating their market share. I actually bought a 3080 instead, waiting in line for a 6800XT!  That was last month and yet I have not seen any evidence that their cards have been filtered out to the public since November... Great job pi*sing everybody off! 

Not even a release of info as to when they will be available just total radio silence.  It's almost as bad as Nvidia's email that was sent to Hardware Unboxed.  They could be proactive and take a priority pre-order to get a feel for what they really need to produce instead of this BS guessing game.  All it would take is a web page that takes orders and logs them in a database with account parameters.  It isn't. F****** rocket surgery!  

I have been preparing builds with R9 5950X, RX5900XT and X570 motherboards for people and I cannot get the parts.
So I am now looking at Intel + Nvidia. 
Oh well. 

Merry Christmas to everyone. 
And lets hope 2021 is better than 2020.

God bless America.
And the UK.
We need all the help we can get.