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The Max GPU of the s7150 cant work in the vm

I can pass-through the physical GPU but I cant pass-through the MxGPU in the vm

There are some info below:

>>the GPU status on the GRU tool


>>the dmesg detail log in the attachment

[ 518.146076] gim info:(gim_restore_cpc_state:108) CPC state is restored to addr: 0x00 ctrl: 0x8000000
[ 518.146617] gim info:(gim_sched_reset_vf:4208) GPU Reset VF2, load/run next VF2
[ 518.146619] gim info:(gim_notify_reset_completion_per_vf:4158) notify reset completion to VF2
[ 518.146622] gim info:(mailbox_update_index:836) write mmMAILBOX_INDEX: 0x2
[ 518.146624] gim info:(mailbox_notify_flr:978) write mmMAILBOX_MSGBUF_TRN_DW0: 0x3
[ 518.146625] gim info:(gim_sched_reset_vf:4217) end of VF FLR for VF2
[ 518.146627] gim info:(remove_from_run_list:2513) Remove struct function 0xffffffffc0c33a18 from runlist
[ 518.146628] gim info:(remove_from_run_list:2518) removing VF2
[ 518.146630] gim info:(remove_from_run_list:2534) VF2 is the only function on running list
[ 518.146631] gim info:(stop_current_vf:2097) stop current vf[2]
[ 518.146946] gim info:(remove_from_run_list:2551) free node 0xffffffffc0c3ca78
[ 518.146947] gim info:(free_fn_list_node:3851) Free Function_List_Node ffffffffc0c3ca78
[ 518.146948] gim info:(clear_vf_fb:2662) clear_vf_fb() - Clear FB for VF2
[ 518.146949] gim info:(clear_vf_fb:2674) Switch from last VF2 to PF
[ 518.147334] DMAR: DRHD: handling fault status reg 102
[ 518.147427] DMAR: [DMA Read] Request device [04:00.0] fault addr 0 [fault reason 06] PTE Read access is not set
[ 518.147475] gim info:(init_vf_fb:76) init_vf_fb(fb_offset = 0x107000000, size=0x7b000000
[ 518.147476] gim info:(dma_clear:219) Clear VRAM from 0x107000000 to 0x181ffffff
[ 518.280803] gim info:(dma_clear:250) dma_clear() - FB has been cleared by dma_copy.
[ 518.280805] gim info:(clear_vf_fb:2700) Run list is empty. PF is still current function
[ 518.280807] gim info:(clear_vf_fb:2702) PF can't switch back to VF2 after clearing FB
[ 518.281017] gim info:(clear_vf_fb:2704) PF has been idled
[ 518.281018] gim info:(handle_fullaccess_timeout:1541) No need to start the timer

>> the GPU info on the centos7


>>> My kernel's Boot parameters

rdblacklist=amdgpu rdblacklist=amdkfd intel_iommu=on kvm-intel.nested=1 vfio_iommu_type1.allow_unsafe_interrupts=1 pci=realloc

Is anyone can help to solve this problem ,TKS 

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Re: The Max GPU of the s7150 cant work in the vm

You may do better posting in the Devgurus

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Re: The Max GPU of the s7150 cant work in the vm

Adding ali_d‌.

Hi Ali, any suggestion on this?