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FirePro Development

Journeyman III

AMD FirePro in Google Cloud

There was an announcement back in 2016 that Google Cloud would support FirePro instances.

I met another developer over the weekend who said that AMD FirePro was available now.

However, this must be a private beta since I checked Google Cloud again but couldn't find a FirePro instance.

Only Tesla P100 and K80s are publicly supported.

Does anyone know about this and how to get an invite?

I need to develop for FirePro as a target.

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Adept III

Maybe the other developer was referring to Amazon AppStream.

AppStream 2.0 Instance Families - Amazon AppStream 2.0

"Graphics Design: Uses AMD FirePro S7150x2 Server GPUs and AMD Multiuser GPU technology to support graphics applications that use DirectX, OpenGL, or OpenCL."