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Zynq-Ping problem



I am using KSZ9893 with Zynq 7000. Zynq has 2 Gigabit Ethernet(GEM : gem0 and gem1). GEM1 is connected to port 3 of KSZ9893 through RGMII connection. I am using I2C driver of the switch. Switch is detected during booting. Probing and driver attaching happens without any problem. Port 1 and 2 are connected to RJ45 Connector. When I connect ethernet cable using laptop, driver detects the cable and I get "Link up" message and similarly when cable is removed I get "Link down" message.


But when I connect to port 1 or port 2 (RJ45 connectors), I cannot transmit any data. If I try to ping I get "Host not reachable". I have observed on wireshark aswell. No data there. Where as gem0 is working without issue. PHY ic is connected to gem0.


I used "arp -a" command on laptop, I can see the IP address I assigned to the port 3/gem1.


Please share your valuable insights. I need transmit and recive data through switch to Zynq and Laptop.

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