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Journeyman III

Youtube stuttering, problem with Hardware Acceleration on Chrome and Edge since 24.1.1

RX 6750 XT MSI
R5 5600
16gb @3600

I've been having a lot of stuters watching videos on YouTube since I updated my drivers to 24.1.1. My cursor lags when I move it around on YouTube, the video stutters randomly and the sound stutters as well. When I disable the Hardware Acceleration on Chrome, I no longer have these issues.
Updating to 24.2.1 helped but did not fix all of the problems. I did not have these issues with the preview AFMF drivers back in Decemeber, the official drivers are buggy. is there anything I can do other than disabling HA to prevent the stutters from happening?

I had these problems back in 2022 with my rx 5500 xt and now they're back. Sincerely disappointed on AMD.
For now I will have to continue using the 23.12.1 driver since I do not have these issues on that driver.

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