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Journeyman III

Your drivers cause crashes in multi-monitor setups - and have been for years

So I've used your main competitor's video cards for the past 10 years without issue.

Now I bought a 7900 XTX a few months ago and even though the **bleep** thing cost me over a $1000 I can't even run two monitors with it.

Apparently you have issues with your drivers when used on multi-monitor setups with different refresh rates. I know that some people don't experience these problems, but there are a whole lot of us that do, and have been for years. If you search about the issue you can see that people have been experiencing this for a very long time. Yet, there's no presentable solution, which tells me that you are unable to fix it and are thus selling faulty products that should come with a monitor use disclaimer.

For example, run any game on your primary monitor while attempting to watch a stream or do any other normal activity on the other, and you're gonna get a black screen and a driver crash within a few minutes up to an hour.

I feel utterly scammed by purchasing a faulty product like this and will likely return the product and never look back at this brand again. I really don't want to feed the green giant, either, but it's not like you're giving many of us a choice.

Now, do these forums have any official technical support, or are they just for show? I kindly ask for some assistance or official comment regarding this because nothing I've tried so far has managed to resolve the issue.

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Adept II

this is still an issue in January 2024. im getting to the point where ill sell my 7900xt for whatever i can get and replace it with a green card. disappointing.

Journeyman III

5825U Laptop user here. Same problem. Daily crashes with all drivers released in 2023. It usually crashes when I take a screenshot (SHIFT+WIN+S) or just move a window from one monitor to another. I installed driver from late 2022, so far no crashes for last 3 days.