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Journeyman III

XFX RX570 8GB Issues

Hi, New here...

   Ok, I got an XFX 570 8 GB card, Im using a Vizio D48D0 television at 1080p thru HDMI, when I install the adrenaline package it forces the video as 2160, but, If I use Linux I have no issues... Right now Im using the windows driver from 2017... But I cant play games because it forces the 2160 resolution... Also I use wallpaper engine... I´ve used these versions Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.3.1  & Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.1.1 and DDU to remove them... 

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Journeyman III

!!! FIXED !!!

   Ok, somehow I installed the driver without Adrenalin, and I could get an image without flickering green/black screens at 59hz, so everything cool, then a Windows Update happened it installed adrenalin 17.1.1, I revert into the windows driver, at 64hz O.o then I went back into 17.1.1, voila! it worked... So, being me I said lets wreck my Sunday and installed 19.1.1... Because... reasons... Ok, I tried 60hz lower resolution 59hz lower res... And nothing, then I changed the colors in adrenalin I put 8 bpc instead of 12bpc adnd pixel format RGB 444 Full range...

So heres the weird thing, my monitor can refresh up to 120hz... Vizio liars...

PD Amd should give you the option to select manually the resolution instead of it looking for the best resolution before installing...


Adept I

That happens because of Freesync, and reverting to driver v17.1.1 is not a fix, newer drivers cause black screen if Freesync is turned on, while on version 17.11.3 it works ok, so AMD have to fix this.