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Adept I

XFX RX 590 Fatboy Driver problems

this is now a nightmare.

can't install 23.9.3 (install fails)  Now windows 11 wants to FORCE an install a version of AMD "that they have" (Advanced Micro Devices - MEDIA - had install error 0x8024200b)  which has no GPU software adjustments (I don't want it). now I am having to fight windows update with wanting to replace 23.9.2 when windows checks for updates  (windows will not ask me, just does it)  Please fix, i am having to reinstall 23.9.2 every time windows 11 wants to force their update (I do use amdcleanuputility.exe  tool every time I reinstall). it had been constant reinstalling drivers for 24 hours now.

Additional errors include "the version of AMD software that you have launched is not compatible with your current installed graphics driver. For information on to to resolve this, please go to:"

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Adept I

I think just simple Disable automatic driver install on Windows 11

(e.q. check )

No compatible 23.9.3 driver (Win10-11) yet for RX 590 until today


I finally got 23.9.2 to stabilize but it is still not perfect. My fan setting will not keep I have to re-adjust the setting in Adrenalin after each startup and the toggle [CTRL] [SHIFT] [O] stopped working, I have to manually toggle the overlay switch in Adrenalin to see on screen temps and fan speeds. I am not even going to install any more updates until AMD has a new WHQL release for the RX 590. Currently the latest WHQL is still 23.9.2  AMD normally is on top of it, I only had one other time drivers failed on install in the last 10 years, I will wait and see what November updates bring.