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Journeyman III

X570 Raid question

Hey Everyone,

I'm new to AMD, moving over from Intel.  My issue is that I have a new system build that has a fine Windows install on it.  I'm happy with my boot drive.  It's an NVMe and it will be a solo boot drive.  My plan was to have a secondary drive setup as data drive for archives and such.  I planned to make this a RAID 0 volume with the onboard chipset raid.  I went through the process to assign the drives and build the volume, but it's not showing up in Windows.  The advice i see online points to adding drivers at install time, but my OS is already installed.  In Intel you can add OS drivers as long as you don't need to boot off the raid set, which I don't.  Is there something like this for AMD?  My board is the Gigabyte Aorus X570  PRO.  I'm just looking for a way to get the volume recognized in the OS, but NOT to boot off it.


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