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Journeyman III

x570 and RAID 0 - Slow Performance

I have a fresh install with the OS on a single NVMe drive and then a second array setup in RAID 0 with two NVMe drives. All three drives are in M.2 slots and the RAID setup is reporting speeds slower than when I initially had the drives setup independently. Has anyone else experienced something similar with RAID? Maybe there is something simple I missed during setup.  I am using CrystalDiskMark 8.0.1 and Samsung Magician to bench, both have similar results.

Board: MSI x570 Ace

RAIDABLE Array 0 - Single Sabrent Rocket with speeds reporting 5k

RAID 0 Array 1 - Dual WD sn850 with speeds reporting 6k (without RAID I can sometimes hit 7k independently)
Expecting speeds greater than 12k...

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