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Journeyman III

X470 Taichi Audio Drivers not showing after instillation

Hello everyone,


My PC Spec


AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (Stock Cooler)

ASRock X470 Tachi (Bios ver. P3.40)

Zotac Gaming RTX 2060

2x4 DDR4 team group 3000mhz 


So recently I have come to know that my on board audio wasn’t working since I have built my PC. I have installed the Realtek Audio Drivers straight off of AsRocks website. So for some reason after installing them and restarting my computer, I don't have “Realtek Audio” neither in device manager nor sound manager. So I bought a brand new ssd and did a fresh installation of windows and installed everything driver from AsRocks website and still no “Realtek Audio” So now I don’t know if my Motherboard is faulty or not, and should I claim warranty on it. Or is there any more methods I could try to install Realtek Audio. Thanks

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