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Journeyman III

x399, NVMe and SATA RAID

Hi. I install Windows 10 x64 1803 on NVMe drive. Before, I configured SATA controller to RAID mode. When I run setup of RAID drivers after Windows did installed, it show "You system boot from NVMe. Boot from non-NVMe storage and try again"

How can use SATA RAID?

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Journeyman III

Re: x399, NVMe and SATA RAID

I solved this problem.

1) When I tried to install RAID drivers first time, installer show error: system boot from NVMe, installation of RAID drivers will make NVMe drive non-bootable. Boot from non-NVMe device and try again.

What I should to think? Right, when uses NVMe and AMD SATA RAID, NVMe cannot be bootable!

But, this is AMD... Problem did in mode of NVMe drive. I thought, if I will use one bootable NVMe drive and several SATA drives as RAID arrays, I should set SATA to RAID mode, NVMe to non-RAID mode. Wrong! NVMe also should also be in RAID mode! Say this in user's manual, BIOS setup or error window? No!

2) After set SATA to RAID mode in BIOS setup, setup item RAID Xperrt2 did't appear. I thought this utility is basically missing in FW, but this happend because storage controller mode was set to legacy mode. I changed it to UEFI, and RAID Xpert2 item appeared!

3) After change NVMe mode to RAID, I try to install Windows. It hangs whet try to reboot. This happened because I didn't create RAID on boot drive. In user's manual have no information about this.

AMD, this is AMD...