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Journeyman III

WX 9100 problems

Hi all,

I have an odd situation. On a server with one Radeon Pro WX 9100 I have two Windows Server 2016 installations side by side. Basic install, nothing fancy, just the required drivers and management over RDP. In the first installation the graphics card does not work. It does not appear in the Task Manager as GPU and OpenGL programs crash. In the second installation everything works. How can this be possible?

Also, for all of you guys trying to passthrough the card in a Hyper-V VM, give up. It does not work with Server 2016. It crashes consistently the VM and often it crashes the Hyper-V host also, the system freezes. I have tried with guest OSes Server 2016 and Windows 10. Same outcome.

I think I will try Server 2019 but there are no drivers for now. Could I use another driver? Or are there any news for Server 2019 support?

Kind regards,