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Journeyman III

WSL2 support for 6700XT

Dear all,

I've learned that Microsoft has released support for accessing GPUs in WSL2 environment, which requires a special graphics driver here. But that driver seems not supporting my 6700XT. Is there any plan on that?

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WSL2 depends on the OS and not the GPU driver as far as I am aware.

This Windows Tech site gives good instructions on how to enable WSL & WSL2 in Windows 10:

I enabled WSL first in my Windows 10 using a GTX1070 GPU card and then afterwards updated to WSL2 using the above link's instructions.

I then was able to install Ubuntu App on my computer to run Linux programs.


Sorry for ambiguity. But what I actually mean is a WIP feature that enables GPU-acceleration in WSL2, which requires additional GPU driver support.