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Adept I

World of Warcraft - CRASH

Good evening,

I would like to ask for a help with WOW, that is the only game what I cannot play with 7900 XTX.

Anytime I open wow, it crashes after 1-5 min, most likely 2 minutes. My pc is frozen and says there is a timeout for AMD Driver.

I windows events I can see an error 4101 - The amdwddmg display driver stopped responding and was successfully restored.

This is happening ONLY with WoW. No other games (Overwatch 2, GTA V etc...), even stress test is ok.

I did try to reinstall wow and nothing at all. 

I think I can try to keep wow graphic settings in default and uninstall some software like Razer Synapse.

Do you have any ideas?

Thank you so much.


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Adept I

I also have the same problem with the 7900XTX


Have you tried a different DX mode in WOW?

It's been a while since I've played retail but if I remember correctly you can run DX 11 or 12.

I've had this problem for months now. I've done extensive troubleshooting with no success.

• Tried both Windows 10 and 11
• Re-installed and updated GPU drivers multiple times across multiple driver versions
• Updated chipset drivers
• Updated BIOS across multiple versions
• Tried multiple different RAM modules
• Tried RMAing my motherboard
• Updraded PSU to 1000W
• Tried both DirectX 11 and 12 modes in WoW
• Enabled/Disabled Smart Access Memory
• Overvolted my RAM
• Tried using EXPO
• Disconnecting any and all non-essential hardware
• Closing any and all non-essential software/applications
• Currently using XFX Merc 310 7900 XTX. RMA'd 7900 XTX Reference card for same issue.


Curious: what type of RAM is everyone here using?

I can now report I have found a solution well it worked for me.

Install the Drivers for your monitor/s. Never had to bother with this before but seems to have fixed this poroblem.

Interesting, what monitor(s) do you have?

After longer testing it seems that this problem is still there, Kind of at the end of it all now tbh will be moving back to my old GPU untill AMD get there drivers sorted I think. Saying that it will be intresting to see if it is a problem with the 7900XTX I will report back.

Also, just incase it helps you I am using :

7950XTX , 7950X CPU, AM5 Asus ROG 670E-I ITX Board, DDR5 64GB Corsair Vengence Ram 5600 EXPO. Corsair PSU 1000W Using both Rails ofr the power, Firmware on Board fully upto date.

Monitors 4k Aorus F47U, 2X Samsung Pro 27 (can not remember the model as I am at work)

Honestly, I'm not a fan of the micro boards. You lose the higher quality (and capacity) components of the bigger boards. Everything is crammed in so tight there is no room for the heatsinks you get on bigger boards. Trying to run a high end video card on a micro board is asking for trouble.

That said, is it only WoW that crashes or do you see crashes in other games/benchmarks?  Can you run a 3dMark loop for a good 1/2 an hour for example?

Also what heatsink are you using on the CPU and what temps are you seeing for both CPU and GPU at both idle and in-game?

As for WoW, I have a 6900Xt and I spent a long time going through graphical settings when Dragonflight dropped. The main setting I changed was Compute Effects. I can run everything else basically maxed out at 4k 120Hz as long as Compute Effects is disabled. Volumetric Fog and particle effects are awful in WoW and absolutely tank framerates and max the GPU to 100% (in certain areas). You're running a different card, but I would not be surprised if you notice the same thing.

Adept I

I can now report I have found a solution well it worked for me.

Install the Drivers for your monitor/s. Never had to bother with this before but seems to have fixed this poroblem.


Journeyman III

Hey, any other troubleshooting options? Tried literally everything but it still crashes on launch and my computer freezes, so I can't even send a crash report.

Journeyman III

My Driver crashes randomly, most often in the unluckiest moments :(, during WoW. Also got no other games affected.

I tried everything, from different drivers for GPU, Chipset, different BIOS. I played with all options in the Adrenaline software, nothing helps. This started right after installing the 7900XT.

One said, you should disable FreeSync2, but this can't be the solution. I also looked for drivers for my monitor (Samsung G8 OLED), but there aren't any...

Please AMD, fix this...

If it's just WoW I'd be inclined to lay the blame on WoW. Have you done what has been asked/suggested by other posts? Checked temps, made sure no other apps are running, changing settings in WoW? Have you tried doing stress tests on your setup, something like memtest for ram, SuperPi for the CPU, 3dMark for graphics and so on?

Also you mention drivers, have you checked audio drivers too? I've seen bad audio drivers crash an otherwise stable setup. And finally, you haven't mentioned any of your hardware. So we have no idea what components you're actually using. A big one would be the PSU, what make/model and wattage is it?

Adept I

I have the same problem. I play Classic WoW and I get a driver timeout once a day. It's super annoying and I can't find the solution to this.

Adept I

I have the same issue and also tried everything possible my pc is x670e-f wifi asus rog strix g.skill6000mhz cl30 expo, 7800x3d, sapphire pulse7900xtx. 

Journeyman III

hi guys, thought id share my experience with this as it has driven me insane over the last month or so. 

I have the sapphire pulse 7900xtx and was getting the driver timeout issues that everyone is describing, mostly playing WoW. I would get 1-4 timeouts over 3-5hrs of gaming, without warning. I tried every solution I could find on AMDs forums as well as reddit.

I believe I may have fixed it by disabling AMDs freesync in adrenaline and VRR in windows, as I've had 2 days now (as least 8hrs) without a single timeout. It's by no means definitive, but its a start.

Really hope this helps someone/everyone as its been incredibly frustrating.

Best of luck.

I'm running a MSI b450 tomahawk max

Journeyman III

Having the same problem with my 7700xt.


Do you have an AMD CPU?


Adept II

Same issue with my AMD Radeon 7900 XTX Sapphire +Nitro


Do you have an AMD CPU?




I have rolled back to whql-amd-software-adrenalin-edition-23.10.2-win10-win11-oct19-rdna and it seems to have had no crashed today running on DX11

Adept I

Why no update from amd or blizzard? Crashes with 7900 xtx on WoW for MONTHS 

Adept II

Update, the roll back to whql-amd-software-adrenalin-edition-23.10.2-win10-win11-oct19-rdna has not fixed it.


I had 3 crashses last night.


Im gonna look at RMA now.