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Journeyman III

(without hardware detection) Where to download the direct driver for AMD Raedon RX 580?

After deleting the desktop integrated graphics driver in the device manager, Windows 10 isn't downloading the AMD Sapphire Raedon RX 580 pre-installation driver software necessary for display.

I'm left with a black screen no matter how many times I restart the PC. Immediately once I install the old graphics card hardware my Windows 10 installs the basic driver for it and everything is fine.

My PC meets all requirements for this graphics card and is fully updated. I'm fairly certain the issue here is that Windows doesn't know how to pre-install the Sapphire Raedon RX 580 driver, and most users have AMD drivers installed before purchasing this one, so they've never noticed the issue. If I could have a AMD Radeon RX series driver installed in my PC before installing the hardware, I'm pretty sure I can get the hardware drivers working and updated.

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