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Journeyman III

Windows update

DISABLE OF FIX updates.....

Never again will I get a ryzen in my life.  
First and last time.

GRAPHIC UPDATES VERY VERY VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY buggy And worse, these updates are mandatory and my windows does not have pirated activators. Lenovo S145 Ryzen 3500U

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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The  Windows Update for drivers isn't mandatory.

If you have Windows 10 Pro or higher you can turn off Windows Update for Drivers. You can do it for Windows 10 Home but it is a little bit more complicated.

That will prevent Windows from installing drivers in your computer during Windows Update.

Also I recommend you update directly from AMD Download page rather then have Windows Update do it.

Since this is a Lenovo Laptop I suggest you install the Lenovo Support's AMD Driver first if it is fairly recent. Less than a year old. But AMD generic laptop AMD driver will work but won't use all of your laptop's features.

If your original Lenovo AMD Laptop driver was working fine and you really don't have a reason for updating, such as a specific program or game requires an update, there is no need to update the driver.

Plus if you have to download the 3500U AMD Driver which will automatically install both drivers for your laptop if both GPUs (Integrated and Discrete) are both AMD.