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Journeyman III

Windows update causes video card not to work

Hello all,

I used my computer yesterday morning and upon shutting down windows 10 asked to update, which I did. When I started the computer again last night the monitor would not recognize the video card and only turned on when I plugged the monitor into the onboard graphics?

Is this a common issue? anybody aware of a fix for this?

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No this is not normal something could have gotten corrupted. You can go a few routes you can uninstall the update in question. Use a system restore point or just try reinstalling the GPU driver and hope that takes care of it. 

I personally would go for reinstalling the driver as you could still do the other later. 

Install the drivers from scratch again as sometimes things just corrupt.

Have the driver downloaded from AMD

Download and run DDU from wagnardsoft dot com from safe mode with Internet unplugged or wifi off. 

Restart with Internet still disconnected.

Install the AMD driver but don't pick express install. Choose the"Factory Reset" option.

See if that helps.


Thank you pokester for your reply, I followed your steps and now i'm up and running again

truly appreciate the reply!