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Adept I

Windows Not seeing switchable graphics


I have a Dell Inspiron 5576. 265 SSD and 1TB HDD.

I have AMD R5 and Rx560. The 560 is the dedicated, 4G.

Adrenaline can see the RX560. Device Manager can see the RX560. Neither World of Warcraft nor Windows sees anything but the integrated R5, and while DirectX "sees" it, it doesn't see it as a GPU... my dxdiag has it listed near the bottom as a system device.

I have...

Uninstalled completely and reinstalled the drivers (several times, actually). I'm on the latest optional.

I've tried both the AMD drivers and the ones provided by Dell

I've flashed the BIOS

I've turned off the powernow thing in the BIOS

I've turned all my settings in Windows 10 to High performance.

I've probably done a bunch more things, including try to talk to Dell (utterly useless) and Blizz and posting at Microsoft. I've tried to communicate via email with AMD support but they just copy and paste answers about reinstalling the drivers. I'm not the only one having this exact issue. I've chatted on the Wow boards with others like this as well.

Somehow, it isn't communicating with Windows, and I am hoping the nice people here can give me a hand.

Some Images below:

Image 1: GPU settings show R560 is installed.

Image 2: Device Manager shows R560 is installed

Image 3: Windows graphics settings does not recognize R560 as an option

Image 4: Wow doesn't see R560

Image 5: GPU settings show it is trying to use the R560 as the high performance card

R560 is NOT running in task manager when game is open

Direct X sees R560 as a System Device, NOT a GPU. I'd post my dxdiag if anyone is interested. The RX560 is there, but it is down the bottom as a device.

Thoughts, please? Thanks!






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Re: Windows Not seeing switchable graphics

This a short explanation from DELL Support for Switchable Graphics: Switchable Graphics Information for Notebooks | Dell US .

It mentions that if the laptop is on battery it will use the integrated Graphics and not the Discrete GPU. For gaming, you must have the laptop plugged in for the Discrete GPU to be used.

Also in BIOS do you have something called Power Express as per this article from Dell Support: Issues involving AMD Power Express switchable graphics for the Dell Precision Mobile M4800/M6800 sys... .

Says disabling Power Express under Video settings in BIOS will force the laptop to use the Discrete GPU card.

Also do you have the games in a Profile in Radeon Settings so that the driver will use the Discrete GPU card during gaming?

Adept I

Re: Windows Not seeing switchable graphics


Thanks but I always keep it plugged in.

I also mistakenly called it "power now"; I did mean power express.

Also, please see the final screenshot. You will see that the settings for wow are set to high performance.

So, any other ideas are welcome, as those are steps I have already taken, as mentioned above. Thanks!

Adept I

Re: Windows Not seeing switchable graphics

Any other ideas?

To Clarify...

I have used the DDU tool to clean up to do a complete uninstall using a different link to it that AMD recommended.

I currently am using the Dell driver installer.

I do game plugged in.

I did disable power express.

I have the most recent Dell BIOS driver.

Why would Windows not see the Rx560 in graphics settings?

Why would the card be listed in the system devices in the dxdiag?

Are there any command prompts to see why/how DirectX is seeing the Rx560?

I'm sure there is something I haven't tried. Yet, if it is in the documentation for the cards, on forums, etc, over the last few months I have tried it.



Re: Windows Not seeing switchable graphics

Dell's website in support for your Laptop does have an Online Diagnostics.  You can run Dell's diagnostic and see if it see anything wrong with your laptop.

Here is the Dell's Online Diagnostics page: Support for Inspiron 15 5576 Gaming | Diagnostics | Dell US

Adept I

Re: Windows Not seeing switchable graphics

Like Windows graphics, it doesn't recognize that the RX560 is a video card.

I've run this before, but did it again to show the results.

It says there is "nothing wrong," But:

dell scan.jpg


Re: Windows Not seeing switchable graphics

Possible you are trying to install incorrect drivers.

AMD asks that you supply the important information about your computer/laptop INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION



  • Make and model number; e.g. FX 9590

I am having to ASSUME you have a APU...which one?

Laptop graphics update...How to


Re: Windows Not seeing switchable graphics

I must be getting lazy.

What kingfish​​ said is very important. A laptop with a AMD APU (CPU with Integrated Graphics) and a discrete GPU Card like yours, The driver that you MUST INSTALL is the APU Driver and not the discrete GPU Driver. The APU Driver has both the integrated and Discrete drivers for your laptop.

If your Laptop is the Inspiron 15 -5576 Gaming, DELL does have a February AMD CHIPSET AND VGA Driver for your computer: AMD Bristol Ridge Chipset and Baffin Graphics Driver | Dell US

If this is the driver you were referring to in your last comment then either Windows is corrupt or your GPU card is defective. Dell's CHIPSET and VGA  Driver should have allowed Windows to recognized your GPU card .

Run SFC /scannow in a ADMIN RIGHTS Command Prompt or Powershell. It should come back with "No integrity violations found".

This is the APU Driver from AMD Download page for your A10-9630P : Radeon™ Software Adrenalin Edition 18.10.1 Release Notes | AMD  or for Windows Qualified APU Driver (Previous Qualified APU Driver) 7th Gen A10-9630P APU Drivers & Support | AMD

Adept I

Re: Windows Not seeing switchable graphics

Hi! Thanks for your reply.

My apologies. I ASSUMED since I had the R5 that it would be obvious that I have one.

Still, I should have mentioned that so that it is clear. The APU, in and of itself, isn't the problem as far as I can tell. All diagnostics indicate it is performing properly and it is running great. Here's some specs:

AMD A10-9630P RADEON R5, 10 COMPUTE CORES 4C+6G (4 CPUs), ~2.6GHz

Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 17134)

BIOS: 1.0.7 (type: UEFI)

Memory: 8192MB RAM

AMD Dell Bristol Ridge Driver/Adrenaline Edition: 18.10.1 (but I have tried everything since the 17 series, including testing the difference between the 18.5 and the new 18.10 -- no difference)

Motherboard 0HJ6MY  Verson  A00

This is about why the discrete dedicated RX560 isn't being detected by properly Windows, DirectX, etc, despite being properly installed and showing in device manager and adrenaline. Please re-read and have a look at my screenshots so that hopefully it will convey the problem. I think that will help it make more sense. Screen shots of the driver software, the device manager, etc etc are in the thread in a previous post.

I have the correct drivers, unfortunately. If only it was that easy. I'd throw a party, most likely. Most recently, I used DDU to uninstall before reinstalling from the manufacturer installer again.

I've used the installer recommended for the machine by the manufacturer. I've also tried the installer from AMD directly, to see if it made any difference. I've even used the auto-detect options both here and at Dell to be completely sure. As I considered that a different card was installed than what was supposed to be upon purchasing the machine, I thought that would be prudent.

So, if there are any ideas about the meat of the problem and some real ideas, I'm looking forward to heading them. AMD support wanted me to try the card in a different machine, but I unfortunately don't have one with a motherboard that will handle it. They also wanted me to disable the integrated in the BIOS, unfortunately my BIOS version is one of the ones that doesn't have that option. I'm still hoping this is a Windows problem, and especially because I know I'm not the only one with the issue (although the other guy I have been communicating with on the Blizzard board has R7 with RX560... but same exact issue),



Re: Windows Not seeing switchable graphics

Have the APU driver not the GPU driver as both are in the APU package downloaded and ready. I would also add to that, before you install the driver, I would run DDU from safe mode, to remove the display driver parts. Then restart with the INTERNET DISABLED, VERY IMPORTANT TO DO THIS. Windows update has a habit of installing it's drivers instead, getting it screwed up. This will keep that from happening and give you a clean slate for the AMD APU driver install.

Good Luck! Report back how it goes either way please.