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Windows keeps on uninstalling Gpu drivers

Day 3 of trying to fix it but windows keeps on uninstalling the drivers everytime I shut-off the pc

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I'm on Windows 11, I've checked for advice and the quick fix used to work for me at first but I've been having issues more and more often.

By issues I mean I get a black screen, which requires me to reboot my PC if I want to continue using it.

After that, if I try to open the AMD driver software, it'll show that "Windows has replaced your driver" message.

I've already rolled it back, set it to "no" for the automatic driver download, reinstalled the driver multiple times.

I've set the value to 0 for the SearchOrderConfig in the Registry Editor.

I've also used DDU to do a clean uninstall and reinstalled the chipset driver and the GPU driver, and checked the option to not have Windows download drivers in its updates.

Aaaaand it still doesn't work. I keep getting a black screen and this is turning from annoying to worrying.

I don't have access to Local Group Policy Editor as I'm on Windows 11 HOME (not PRO).

I've also found a veryyyy recurrent error in the event visor that occurs almost at the same time as this driver issue, Kernel PnP - 411.

Also for context, I've only had this happen specifically while playing Watch Dogs : Legion.

I'm not sure if this would happen with other games that require more from the GPU, as this is the only one I've been playing recently.


I would greatly appreaciate any help regarding this, I won't be able to play until I find a long term solution since I don't want to trigger that black screen anymore.


Try this regedit, 


But i have seen comments that clicking the windows check for updates may override it.

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