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Windows crashes using new monitor via DP, okay via HDMI

I have an RX480. I got a new monitor in December, an ASUS ProArt. Soon thereafter I started having a number of programs crashing in Windows, always when the system was idle for a while: Radeon software, Teams, Chrome, Dropbox, and most annoying of all explorer.exe. It wasn't immediately clear to me that it had anything at all to do with graphics, let alone the monitor, but I eventually tried troubleshooting in this area. Updating drivers didn't help, neither did rolling them back. What finally solved it was switching the new monitor from Displayport to HDMI. As soon as I did that, the system was stable again. I can live with this, but it would be interesting to know whether this sounds like some weird driver bug that would affect only a few people or an issue with the monitor.

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I would contact Asus Support and ask them directly via CHAT LINE (fastest way).

Could be a configuration problem either with the Monitor or Windows or Radeon Settings.

Could also be the DP Cable to the monitor.

Do you have Asus Monitor driver installed in Device Manager?

With DP connected check Device Manager and see if there are any errors.

But most importantly you need to post your computer's information.


How in hell computer information might help with THIS problem, may I enquire? The source of the issue has already been found, it's obviously the GPU / GPU driver software. I now really wonder whether my problem of Error 1603 while driver package tries to install HDMI Audio Driver is related to my display (BenQ SW271) being connected via DisplayPort with it's internal audio (yes, someone thought it was a good idea, apparently, to put tiny cheap ass speakers into these) disabled through monitor GUI. Everything else works perfectly fine for me, though. 


You are correct, Sorry that I asked for such frivolously and unimportant information from you. 

take care.


Please note that the reply above did not come from me, the OP. 


Windows 10 64 bit 20H2 19042.746

Radeon Software Adrenaline 20.11.1





Sorry, I apologize. I didn't realize that it wasn't from you when I made that comment until now. That other User obviously doesn't know AMD Forum's rule about posting your computer information.

Even if you believe posting the computer information is not necessary for your problem but it helps other Users because everything in a computer is connected and  works as a team. So if one Peripheral is not working then you need to check everything that can affect that peripheral when you are troubleshooting.

Again I apologize.


No worries. I should have it in the first post. I added the monitor driver today. When I have some time I will switch back to the DP cable and see if there are any errors. I can live with using the HDMI cable, really, but I thought that it might be helpful for someone else if I let the appropriate company know about the issue. I just wasn't sure whether it was AMD or ASUS who needed to know.