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Journeyman III

Windows automatically installing (older?) AMD Drivers

I'm starting to get real crazy about this nonsense behavior.

I was running Adrenalin 22.10.2 until this very evening and besides the known issue with the 100% usage bug (will they ever fix that?) I had no problems.

Then, after logging in, Windows decided to install what it calls "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - Display - 31.0.12027.7000".

First of: What the heck? As far as I know, there where only 2 more recent drivers (22.10.3 und 22.11.1) then the one I had installed. Both where optional. Also: Why are they using a different system to label those drivers? Is the driver Windows installed without asking newer or older then the one I used?

Is there any way to stop this bs from happening? I mean... 1 month old driver should not be that much of an issue to force unwanted updates? And before somebody tells me: I know I can disable driver Updates through Windows update entirely. But thats not what I want. I want to stop it specifically from updating my AMD drivers because I play some games who are really sensible to graphic driver updates and had never problems with any other kind of drivers so far.

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This Windows 11 shows you how to permanently stop Windows Update from installing drivers for all versions of Windows 10 & 11: elevenforum- enable-or-disable-include-drivers-with-windows-updates-in-windows-11.2232/

How to stop updates for drivers with Windows Update

Lots of people don't like the idea of 'stopping/delaying' Windows updates. I won't get in to that. Here is a way to prevent Windows Update installing any drivers. This does not effect the security, quality, patch, or any other type update...they are presented as normal.

In don't have to worry about WU installing (changing) AMD graphics drivers.

This is done through group policy:

Type gpedit in the search bar...follow > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update


On the right side scroll to Do not include drivers with Windows Update policy and double click it. Select the ENABLED option.


Click 'Apply' then OK.

Reboot your computer.