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Windows 7 and FreeSync on GL702ZC (RX 580)


Is there any drivers for RX 580 for Windows 7 with support of GL702ZC FreeSync display?

I was trying many versions etc but nothing. Earlier (for Windows 10) it was possible to manualy choose (TM) RX 580 from packages, not the simple RX 580 variant. But on Windows 7 it says "that driver not supported by OS". If I'm doing clean express install of any Radeon software (old/new/any version for Win7) the FreeSync is not available.

Any solution? Maybe there is a way to "hard install" drivers for Win10 on Win7 (OEM by Asus)?

It's really sad because everything else forking just fine...

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Adept III

Radeon 11.3

the last one before

19.12.1 ,19.12.2 and 19.12.3 were reported not supporting freesync.

19.12.1 works with freesync for now.

radeon 19.12.1 works freesync.PNG


Make sure all windows 10 updates are installed first,then use ddu to wipe everything.

then choose to pause windows 10 updates to longest time possible.

there is a problem with Microsoft AMD drivers that want to auto-update everytime and affect the features of freesync for this model.


I installed the two stock drivers in order and restarted ,then the june 6 2020 chipset driver for my specfic system.

then 19.12.1 since,I looked up dates of when the last 2019 driver was used before 2020 edition came.


19.12.2 and 3 I havent tested yet...but I will eventually.

The 19.12.2 and 3 are the 2020 edition.


right now I am waiting on amd to give a answer and response for support.


Im tired of the last 5 days of wasting my time trying to get the right drivers to work proplerly....

Adept III

it doesnt seem to be working,when I play ryse son of rome the fps is all over the place and the performance is not good the gameplay doesnt look smooth.


sorry guys,I give up.

Adept III

I have made sure microsoft updates were done first.

I paused the windows 10 updates.

Microsoft supplied AMD old Display and Media drivers were affecting Freesync function features.
Then I,
1:Used DDU and restarted
2:Installed asus stock radeon 17.6 first and then 17.7 
Restarted each time.
3:Installed radeon 18.2.1 and then 19.6.3
And tested freesync,it was on and working.
I'm going to test 19.12.1 today ,it also showed the freesync being on,but did'nt test it.
4: start of 19.12.2 and onwards 2020 edition does not allow amd freesync display button 
To turn on,it is greyed out.They broke the Freesync feature with my model....
Same for 20.4.1 and 20.7.1 and 20.7.2
P.S. make sure you install the supported chipset driver dated june 6th 2020 under AM4 on amd download drivers.
Adept III

Confirmed,radeon 19.12.1 works.