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Windows 1709, drivers for AMD A8-5550M processor with Radeon HD 8550G doesn't work

I have a laptop with A8 5550M processor with Radeon HD 8550G. The graphics drivers from windows update works in windows version 1607, while in 1709 it suddenly doesn't work anymore. Thus the laptop felt like using a computer without graphics power; like using a PC without a GPU, but disabling integrated graphics, everything felt sluggish, stutters and screen tearing every where, even though cpu usage is nowhere near high. What should I do, after rolling back fro 1709 back to 1607, the last few days apparently windows kept forcing me to update without any cancel button, and defering update in settings seems not working either it kept installing Windows update assistant on the background. Can i do anything to make the drivers work again?

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Journeyman III

your not the only one with problems after the update to 1709 in combination with AMD hardware. My systems hangs completely after updating to 1709. Reinstalled everything but still fails. Here are my hardware details:

Phenom II X4 955

Chipset AMD RS785G (rev 00) - no updated driver found

Southbridge ADM SB750 - no updated driver found

SuperIO Fintek F71889F - no updated driver found

Audio AMD Audio High Definition Audion Device - updated succesfully

Lan Realtek PCIeGBE Family Controller10.016.0323.2017 - updated succesfully

VGA AMD Radeon HD 6670 15.301.1091.0 - updated succesfully

mini ide - updated succesfully

amd usb filter - updated succesfully

Hope they can help.


Have you reported this to Microsoft?

How to report Windows 10 bugs to Microsoft?