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windows 11 chrome stuttering possible workaround

I upgraded to Windows 11 about a month ago and my experience so far has been bad to say the least. Like  a lot of people i get constant stuttering on chrome especially when watching a 1080p 60fps video on my second monitor and playing games on my main monitor. Searching the internet about those problems it seems a lot of people have in common is dual monitors with different refresh rates and most are using windows 11.

Using MSI afterburner to check my frame times while I was gaming and UFO test ( to check my refresh rate while browsing ) On  Fullscreen everything is fine but once i go borderless window and i am using the browser frame times and refresh rate are all over the place  ( seems to be switching between 60 and 75 hz )

One think that solved most of those stutter seems to be disabling MPO ( multiplane overlay) using a registry hack found on NVidia forums with users having the same problem

I also tried my old RX570 in case my 5600xt was the problem but still had the same issues . 

Also using proposed solutions including disabling hardware acceleration on chrome/ disabling game mode/ disabling  optimization's for windowed games / disabling variable refresh rate ( in windows 11 graphics settings ) made no difference at all

Also to note i upgraded from windows 10 so this is not a fresh install but i will be doing a fresh install next week and will be retesting without disabling MPO

Here is the proposed solution

There are 2 files. One is to disable MPO and the other is to enable it again ( mind you you need to restart windows for changes to take effect )

Doing this most of my issues are resolved ( finally now i can have a game like civilization6 on my main screen using borderless windows and chrome on the second screen without my game and chrome been a stuttering mess )

Mind you for the last 2-3 years and up until a month ago that i have been on Windows 10 it was almost smooth sailing with AMD drivers outside an occasional driver timeout issue once every blue moon 

My specs are as follows

2 1080p monitors one  75hz and freesync enabled the other 60hz with not freesync ( another think in common for people having those problems seems to be monitors with freesync/ gsync)

AMD ryzen 5600 

MSI b350 bazooka

Powercolor RX 5600xt 

bitfenix whisper 550W gold power supply

2x8gb ddr 4 3200mhz


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