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Windows 11 Chipset Drivers with Threadripper 1. Gen (1950X)


I found the new Chipset Drivers for Windows 11 for X399 Boards.

In the description  Treadripper 1. Gen is not listed.

Should I use (I am driving Windows 11 Build 22000.258) the new Chipset Driver for Windows 11 (already installed it) or better downgrade to Windows 10 Drivers?

I know that 1. Gen Threadripper is not supported by Windows 11.

So if you say Windows 10 Chipset Drivers are better to drive is it planed to bring Windows 11 Drivers for 1. Gen Threadripper (1950x or others)?




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Windows 11 same as Windows 10 will include drivers already. You don't really need to install anything separate. Hence why it works before you installed those drivers manually. Personally I've need seen any noticeable difference when I've tested the driver package from AMD so I generally never tell anyone to install them.

Its unlikely that AMD will officially support Windows 11 on CPUs currently not supported. There's a whole thing of weird there with Microsoft's forced requirements that only gen 2 and newer have and they forced AMD here. So unless Microsoft changes what they regard as requirements, AMD can't really do anything.

Windows 11 still works just great though on unsupported CPUs. The only time it likely won't is if Windows changes certain things to enabled that are not enabled for many computers regardless of support at this time. Even then it may still work well enough for many people.


Even though you were able to install Windows 11 on a unsupported CPU computer but now your Windows 11 won't be supported anymore via Windows Update unless Microsoft changes it mind.

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Its better than that. It is getting all updates through Windows update. Microsoft put in a warning that they might not at some future time. So its just a possible thing.

But, even supported computers have update issues with Windows 10, so I may not look at it as necessarily worse anyway. Plus, who's to say it will be a problem or anything really? I can understand for someone who doesn't know how to use a computer, but they will have problems anyway even on a supported system that they can't understand.

The whole thing of what may happen or not is unknown, but for the foreseeable future, its roughly all the same to have Windows 11 on an unsupported computer as it is a supported one. Obviously, if you enable every feature there will be a performance difference but they are not enabled by default and can be disabled anyway so it runs no worse than Windows 10.


Hello pondo,

thx for your reply. My BIOS  Asus X399-A have been updated for Windows 11 (mostly TPM).

That's all fine.

The X399 chipset driver I use now is the Windows 11 once.

From AMD side for me unacceptable is that CPU's even if not Windows 11 certified will not get an update.

Intel processors that are a lot older are Windows 11 certified.

"Windows 11 still works just great though on unsupported CPUs"

So why don't I get an update on my 1950x CPU?

I think this point will be my decision to buy AMD CPU's again in future.



Please, I couldn't install windows 11 on my computer, so I am wondering if you can tell us how you did it?

my computer spec.:

Ryzen threadripper 1950x 16-core processor

motherboard : rog zenith extreme bios ver 0701


I have tried many ways, but it keeps telling me this message (0xC1900101 - 0X20017
the installation faild in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during BOOT operation)



any news to this? can Windows 11 run in 1950x?


This has nothing to do with AMD, and they also cannot fix it. This is all at the mercy of might Microsoft who decided which features of a CPU qualifies. Would be bad thinking to suggest Intel had anything to do with this.

I for one will stick with AMD no matter what. My Threadripper 1. Gen. is the most reliable and stable machine I ever put together, not something you can say about any Windows OS, particularly Windows 11.


Why working on Win 10 driver when you did BIOS update to TPM to satisfy Win 11 requirements? But I don't like to talk as processor Win 10 driver works on Win 11.


I just installed a new Samsung 980 PRO NVME (on my DIMM.2 ASUS board) which will be where I will be installing Windows 11 Pro and possibly create a dual boot with Windows 10 Pro running on my Samsung 960 PRO NVME. I also upgraded the BIOS to 2501 and enabled TPM 2.0 on my ASUS ROG ZENITH EXTREME motherboard with my AMD THREADRIPPER 1950X. I'll find out very soon whether or not Windows 11 Pro will install on my system and updates and other functionality will run properly. Could anyone else let me know whether there was anything else I missed before I attempt to install Windows 11 Pro?

Wish me luck. Thank you with much appreciation.