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Adept II

[WINDOWS 11] BSOD Code 139 , 124 , 50 , 7e and 3b

Hi, my name is Levin and i use Windows 11 Pro x64 with license.


My PC components:

1. Motherboard - ASRock B660M Pro RS

2. CPU - Intel Raptor Lake, Core i5 13600KF 3.5GHz box

3. GPU - PowerColor Radeon RX 6600 Figher 8GB GDDR6 128-bit

4. RAM - ADATA XPG Gammix D10 16GB DDR4 3200MHz CL16

5. Storage - SSD Samsung 980 1TB PCI Express 3.0 x4 M.2 2280

6. Cooler - CPU ID-Cooling Frostflow X 240 Lite

7. PSU - Seasonic B12 BC-750, 80+ Bronze, 750W

8. Case - AQIRYS Canopus White ARGB

9. Monitor - LED DELL Gaming S2422HG Curbat 23.6 inch FHD VA 1 ms 165 Hz FreeSync Premium

10. Keyboard - Hyperx Alloy Core RGB

11. Mouse - VERTUX Katana

12. Mousepad - Hyperx FURY Ultra

13. Microphone - Scorpion USB POWERED MIC-01

14. Speakers - HAMA Sonic LS-208, 2.0, 8W


I don't use Overclocking, i have PC on balanced power, and standard configurations.


After some hours of usage, i get BSOD. From what can i see, is from kernel, i tried all scans, all are positive. I don't know if is from a app, from a driver, from windows explorer, from microsoft edge or OS, because i have all drivers up-to-date, and when i got BSOD i had edge, steam, sublime text 4, counter-strike1.6, winscp active. I am not sure why is this happening, i wanted to make a screenshot to BSOD but was too fast, but i saw something with 'KERNEL' word as reason...From what i remember, at first install, i didn't got BSOD. Can be from GPU, but i need your help.


Adrenalin version - 22.11.2


I will leave some screenshots with my drivers and apps, and i will upload dump files of BSOD.


MSInfo32 Info -!Aq_Ac3q_LLezg8Fd3lloTYVtg7Cixw?e=XKpMjF


First BSOD Dump -!Aq_Ac3q_LLezg8FV2QLUYVpzdjfz2Q?e=ATDPGG

Second BSOD Dump -!Aq_Ac3q_LLezg8FW7wCWEKLvh1fRUg?e=7tEPhd


Third BSOD Dump 25/12/2022 -!Aq_Ac3q_LLezg8FcafA-ieKpx_IEzQ?e=gjtApZ

Fourth BSOD Dump -!Aq_Ac3q_LLezg8FekOR1eii9Jbze4g?e=1bAWmC

Fifth BSOD Dump -!Aq_Ac3q_LLezg8FfwyrBXPLf1DyCrg?e=oNYQEE



APPS -!Aq_Ac3q_LLezg8FYGzh3ozFvUH5aEw?e=cQ1AXs

Drivers -!Aq_Ac3q_LLezg8FZ4Me_DDNNaRVLAg?e=KyHAtp

DUMP 1 -!Aq_Ac3q_LLezg8FXtod0qlOMderjsA?e=4HBakY

DUMP 2 -!Aq_Ac3q_LLezg8FaMrMOa3vIdNfMHA?e=fsjavI

NEW 25/12/2022 :

DUMP 3 - I got a new BSOD just with Microsoft Edge opened after 30 minutes after windows start, 'PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA' =!Aq_Ac3q_LLezg8FbuTdavp7T-h5ufw?e=j6Cofo


DUMP 4 -!Aq_Ac3q_LLezg8FgncLEQa0XRhQPUA?e=a3H44m


Many thanks.


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when it comes to troubleshooting faulty Device Driver use Windows Verifier tool to see which driver is causing all the problems:

Many BSOD if it isn't due to a driver then it might be failing hardware.

1- Check your RAM with MEMTEST86 or Windows Memory Diagnostics

2-Check your HDD/SSD with CHKDSK /f/r

3- Stress test your CPU, GPU and PSU using OCCT.  Check Temperatures, Fan Speeds, and PSU Outputs.

DUMP File from Windows Verifier -!Aq_Ac3q_LLezg8FekOR1eii9Jbze4g?e=zfrNIp

1. Checked & passed , no errors

2. Checked & passed , no errors

3. Checked , if think is ok, i don't know really what i need to see


Thanks for your reply.



Bug Code: 7E - AMDKMDAG  (AMD Driver).

This website gives troubleshooting tips on how to fix the AMD Driver issue:`

I bet if you uninstall the AMD driver and just use the Windows Native MS Basic Display adapter your BSODs should be a lot less or even stop unless you have a hardware issue.


Here are all the Bug codes and files that crashed. You can google each of the Bug codes with the file mentioned to find out various fixes for each.

Bug Code: 124 - PSHED.DLL -NTOSKML

Bug Code: 139 - NTOSKML.ex

Bug Code: 50 - NTFS.sys - NTOSKRNL

Bug Code: 7E - AMDKMDAG.sys


From above it seems several of the BSODs concerns a driver issue.

1- Run in a eleveated Command Prompt or Powershell the following command line to check your Windows Installation: SFC /scannow

Run in a Clean Windows Desktop. This is similar to running Windows Safe Mode but in Windows Desktop. This will eliminate any 3rd party Startup (Drivers)  that might be causing your issue. Easy to do and and undo: How to perform a clean boot in Windows 

Edit: in one 2020 MS Forum some BSODs mentioned that AMD Driver AMDKMDAG.sys & AMDFENDR.sys were involved.

I see many threads and articles about the new AMD Driver AMDFENDR.sys causing issues on PCs.


My motherboard have 3200 support.

Now i’m performing memtest, step 3/4, no errors for now…i tried all things from your links, without disabling fast startup and msconfig startup services, i will try them too. If even then is not working, i will reinstall windows. In my opion, after all tests, and no errors founds, i think is a problem form windows or amd.



Try to do first an In-Place Repair of Windows. It basically replaces your entire Windows Folder with a new Windows Folder but with all your Apps in tack and configurations.

It easy. All you have to do is run your Current Windows version Installation while on Windows Desktop.  Just don't click on doing a Clean Windows installation.

Afterwards you can use Windows Clean Disk feature to remove the old Windows Folder Winodws.old or just leave it there in case you want to revert back to your original Windows. I believe after 10 days it is automatically deleted by Windows.

I have done this method many times rather than do a Clean Windows Install which, for me, is a royal pain in the neck due to so many Apps and configurations I need to do afterwards.

If the In-Place Repair doesn't work then you have no choice to do a Clean Windows installation.

By the way, if you continue to get BSODs after doing a clean Windows installation without installing any 3rd party apps that generally indicates a Hardware issue rather then a software (driver) issue.


Adept II

thanks for you replies, but as i said in my first post, i tried all checks/scans and all are ok, but i didn't removed the default driver, i will do this one, and install older version



I would still keep Windows Verifier on to see which drivers are crashing the PC.

Here are the RX6600 previous AMD Drivers from AMD Download page:

Adept II



I got another BSOD, dump file -!Aq_Ac3q_LLezg8FhybHzzlVwAJqghw?e=LK9Vjv


Code: 1a


File: ntoskrnl.exe



Memory_Management could be due to incompatible or defective RAM module.

Found this previous MS Forum thread concerning that specific error. Might be useful:

This tech site gives many troubleshooting tips, many that I mentioned before:

This tech gives more tips on how to check for Memory_Management errors which includes those mentioned in the other links:

EDIT: Here is the ASRock Motherboard QVL List for RAM:

Screenshot 2022-12-20 171626.png

Just to see if your RAM is listed as being compatible with your Motherboard and Intel Processor. IF not listed then I would go to ADATA Support for your RAM and check their QVL List and see if your motherboard is listed.

Adept II

Here are the memtest result, no erros -!Aq_Ac3q_LLezg8FiOWIkPXbqmCdd_g?e=TC5qaL


and another bsod dumps!Aq_Ac3q_LLezg8Fpj5XQ2xMzs5ICRA?e=HId0O1 



Thanks for the update.

Okay you have good RAM modules.

Let me know if the other tips comes up with anything abnormal.

IF you continue to have BSODs I do recommend a website that has former MS Windows programmers that specifically investigate Windows BSODs. They have their own diagnostic software to help them find out what is causing the BSODs in your PC by reading your Dump files from the software.

You might have heard of them, I suggest you open a thread there before doing a Clean WIndows installation: Sysnative Forums 

Screenshot 2022-12-20 171626.png

Good luck!


Adept II

Fresh install -!Aq_Ac3q_LLezg8FtzepleJ08ZUWuAA?e=DcY7zf



I did something and did not had any bleu screen since but not sure it's working until like a have 0 in like 2 two weeks what I did is I disable ulps from the registry 

Adept II

Solved by changing with rams which are on mb manufacturer qvl list.

Thanks all.