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Journeyman III

Windows 10 updates causing problems

For such a long time I've always been experiencing crashes when gaming with my rx580, I've tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling them for so many times, I've reinstalled windows for a couple of times too, and the way the crashes happen is the acreen turns black, loud gurgling sounds on my speakers and then my system resets, I've searched and tried so many "fixes" until today when I finally tried to just rely on the windows 10 amd drivers and just go without adrenaline. Works like a charm and for 12+ hours of gaming, my system never crashed.

Now, the thing is, I want to use adrenaline but everytime I use the DDU tool and restart my system, wi dows reinstalls the drivers from system updates. How can I just proceed without the windows 10 drivers and just have the adrenaline drivers?

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