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Windows 10 treats dedicated GPU as the integrated one

Hello, I've a PC with an AMD A4-5000 APU and an integrated Radeon HD 8330 GPU plus a discrete Radeon HD 8600M GPU which I don't know if it's a 8630, 8670 or 8690. Now, when I install the drivers from AMD, both GPU drivers installs correctly, but for some reason Windows 10 (build 2004) treats the discrete GPU as the integrated one, like, both GPUs are treated as one and so I can't correctly use the discrete GPU for more heavy tasks since Windows will redirect everything to the integrated GPU. When I use the Windows feature to select which GPU use for an app, it only shows the 8330 on both power saver and high performance options. Task Manager reports integrated GPU's values for the discrete GPU, dxdiag doesn't even know about the discrete GPU existence and when I disable the discrete GPU from Device Manager, which correctly reports two different GPUs by the way, it's like I disabled the integrated one. This is so confusing and I don't know what to do, and yet, on AMD Radeon Settings both GPUs are detected perfectly fine.
I already tried to fully uninstall both drivers using DDU and reinstall them, but it didn't solved the issue. The drivers are the latest ones from AMD (09/16/2020) and Windows 10 is freshly installed and fully updated

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Have you ever updated this laptop before? You really need to read this:

Laptop graphics update...How to 

Laptops have different requirements/procedures than desktop computers when updating graphics drivers. It all depends on the processors....either Intel or AMD.