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Journeyman III

Windows 10 Sonnet 750ex box Radeon Rx 6600

Hello All,
This is my Issue, I have a MacBook Pro running windows 10 in a boot camp setup.
Macbook Pro i7 2017

Sonnet box 750ex

MSI Radeon RX 6600

In Ventura, using mac OS everything works fine.
But in windows 10 it does not work, windows 10 is disabling the device "AMD Radeon RX 6600" with a error code 12

And when the device AMD card is detected, I got a blue screen followed of a reboot.

Any idea?
Thanks in advance.

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Found this Mac thread about the same error on a eGPU and its fix:

This article explains steps on how to fix error 12 in Macbook Pro using Windows Bootcamp:

Unfortunately, AMD SUPPORT will not help you and will refer you to Apple Support who will then refer you bank to AMD Support or Microsoft Support.

NOTE: Here is AMD latest Windows Bootcamp driver:

This unofficial Windows Bootcamp website takes the latest AMD Driver and modifies it to in a Windows Bootcamp environment:

You can try both and see if it helps your problem or not.

Make sure Windows is fully updated via Windows update and you use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and deleting the AMD Driver installation folder located at C:\AMD BEFORE installing another AMD driver.