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Journeyman III

Windows 10 RGB444 4K 60hz 10bits mode issue

Graphic Card:RX580

Radeon Driver:18.10.2

Monitor : BenQ EW3270u

Connection cable : DP 1.4 cable

OS:Win 10


               Radeon Driver 18.10.2

               In RGB444 / 4K / 60hz mode ,  I can't enable 10-bit color depth

               The AMD control panel can see the menu for 10 bit option , but select the 10 bit will get back to 8 bit after monitor blink out for a sec

               The windows 10 display information show the display mode still in 8 bits

               Radeon Driver 17.11.4

               In AMD control panel , select the 10 bit option also get back to 8 bit

               But , the windows 10 display information show the display mode in 10 bits


              Radeon Driver get some problem with 10 bit mode , this issue need to fix

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If you are talking about 4K@60Hz/10 bpc (HDR) then you have to wait for HDMI 2.1. The HDMI 2.0 is not capable of supporting this.


Well, not if we are talking about 4:2:2 where 12bpc is supported in HDMI 2.0 and requires a bandwith of 17.82Gbps. So I am still puzzled why AMD Adrenalin keeps defaulting back to 8bpc when trying to set it to 4K@60hz HDR 4:2:2 12bpc over HDMI.


My comment was related to RGB444 as indicated in the thread. Yes, for RGB422 HDMI 2.0 should be sufficient. Have you tried installing the latest driver?
Download Not Complete | AMD 


I'm using mini displayport 1.2 for monitor . Can't get 10bpc with RGB444 but can get 10bpc with YCbCr422. My monitor support 1 billions color but only RGB space so when using YCbCr422 color seem weird  The driver is 19.8.2 ... it have been months since i bought Radeon VII and did not get 10bit depth though Radeon VII can and my monitor can   Anybody help me with this .... Windows 10 1903, Samsung Space Monitor LS27R75 



You might check out this thread: solved. There is a lot in the thread as it spans more than a year's time, but in May 2019 it appears that AMD resolved this issue for many. Maybe you'll find some help reading through it.


I have read all. When i see your reply i read all again and I find out that 10bit 444 only support for 60Hz,100Hz and 120Hz not 144Hz. Thank youCapture.PNG

Journeyman III

Fast forward to Dec 2022, still can't get 4K 60hz 4:4:4 10/12 bit to work with RX 6900 XT using HDMI 2.1 connected to Vizio MQ6. Reverts back to 8bit. Meanwhile Xbox One X works flawless.