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Windows 10 not shutting down with 19.2.1 drivers?

Hello, I have a problem with my system. I upgraded my Sapphire RX480 Nitro+ 8Gb to 19.2.1 drivers. I'm always checking for updates to keep my computer as reliable as possible. However I noticed the computer was not shutting down anymore. I mean the screen went black everything stopped but the case was still on, fans spinning, all of them, and the lights on. No other activity though and the monitor went to stand by. First I didn't realized is because of the drivers. I did thousand of things to solve the problem even disabling fast startup option, scanning for malware. In the third day of suffering I made the connection between the new driver and the shutting down problem. The restarting was working, but not the shut down. Good. I Installed again the 19.1.1 drivers and guess what everything was working perfectly. It was a beta back then so I thought they will work on it. I stayed on the 19.1.1 drivers for a while till they released the final version. When they did it I said to give it another chance. Even with the new final release the problem was the same! Only now also the Restart function wasn't working (on the beta was working). I gave up and went back at 19.1.1 for good this time waiting for some brand new drivers (19.3.1 and counting). I tried to contact AMD but is so difficult I didn't find a form or something so here I am. Maybe somebody from AMD is reading this. The computer is working wonderfully, is custom made by me and the configuration is as following:

- Asus Z170-A Motherboard

- Intel i5 6600K (up to 4.5Ghz stable and low temperatures 48 Hours burn in with Prime95)

- 16 Gb of Corsair DDR4 2400 (1200Mhz) dual channel 

- Plextor PX-256M8PeG (using M2 but the PCIe is fast as a rocket)

- 2 x 2Tb Seagate 7200rpm SATA III HDD's for storage in RAID 0 configuration

- Sapphire RX480 8Gb O.C. Nitro+ (with the switch on O.C. position from the manufacturer no extra OC on it)

- Corsair 850W Power Source (very stable)

- other things not relevant: Scarlett 6i6 Mk II from Focusrite soundcard, a 5 Channel fan controler from Bitfenix, a total 12 Fans on my case, NZXT 530 Middle case, etc..etc..

Windows 10 64 bit

Did anybody else had the same problems as me? If yes.. let me know! There is a way to fix it except for using the old good drivers? I tried anything, and the online info is missing. 


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