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Adept I

Windows 10 changes resolution to illegal value

My Lenovo monitor can only use 1920 x 1080, cannot use windows default of 1600 x 1200. Every time I reboot the resolution changes on me. I tried installing the Li2264d monitor driver. Windows just ignores it and goes back to generic non PNP setting. My video card is Radeon R7 350, and has Windows 10 drivers. Computer is home built AMD A8-7600, Gigabyte motherboard. I had no troubles with it until the "creators update".

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And did you report that to Microsoft?

How to report Windows 10 bugs to Microsoft?

No, I didn't know that was a thing. I will.


You should disable Windows 10 from updating any drivers with Windows update. Might help this from keep happening. This utility has a update section that you can toggle the updates, and it is free. Or you can google how to do it in registry or group policy editor.

Winaero - Free small and useful software for Windows


Microsoft sent me an update and the monitor seems to be working, now. Long May it last. Thanks for your help.

Could you share what that update was? It might help others, including me, Windows keeps dropping my driver and replacing it with Generic PNP. I disabled the driver updates, however found after it did the new roll up update last night, I was back on Generic PNP.


2018.03.14-20.58.pngrun the generic pnp  driver all I run with mine with no issues. Your AMD drivers should take over if your using Radeon settings. I run the 1709 update I dont bother with monitor drivers as they are flawed I disable them so I dont run into issues. If your drivers are loaded up right with your card the AMD drivers should take control. I will throw some screenshots dooesnt effect preformance not having monitor drivers.