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Journeyman III

Windows 10 apps Crashing with Radeon HD7870

Hello there,

I'm having a really annoying problem with my Radeon HD 7870 Sapphire Ghz Edition.

Every time I try to watch a video using an Windows 10 app that enbedds a video like streams those apps crash instantly. The same issue occurs trying to launch Forza Motorsport Apex from the Windows Store, after the first initial loading screen the game crashes. The same happens again, when I start streaming from my Xbox One via the xbox app.

It though WON'T happen using in a Win32 application like Chrome, VLC or streaming from my PS4 using Sony's streaming client, neither playing any video game like Assetto Corsa.

It seems only to be an issue with UWP / Modern UI apps, but since I changed the graphics card to my prior HD 5850 and all worked fine, I hope to find the answe in this forum. Changing the graphics card back to the 7870 brings back the problem.

My system:

  • Windows 10
  • AUS P7P55D Mainboard
  • Intel Core i7 860 @ 2,80 GHz
  • Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7870 Ghz Edition @ PCI Express 2.0 x16
  • AMD Crimson 16.15.2211-160321a-301173C
  • 8GB RAM

I tried some possible solutions so far but nothing helped:

  • reinstalled different driver versions including the last catalyst control center version 15.7.1. instead of crimson,
  • reinstalled several versions of the MS C++ Redistributable (2008,2010,2012,2013,2015)
  • tried to repair some libs using sfc /scannow, which idneed found corrupt opencl.dll and fixed it but with no effect on that issue.
  • reinstalled the crashing apps
  • disabled ULPS in Sapphire TRIXX (discovered that the GPU voltage won't be displayed, says "0"?)
  • changed the graphics card to my prior HD 5850 and all worked fine
  • Using GPU-Z I discovered that starting a video boosts the memory clocks from 150 Mhz to 1200Mhz syncronious to the app crashing.
  • I monitored the other sensors and GPU core clock is in idle at 300Mhz, mem clock at 150Mhz, temp at 28°C and voltage is between 11.88 and 11.91V, VDDC is around 0.820V (I don't know if this ok?)

Can someone help please?

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Re: Windows 10 apps Crashing with Radeon HD7870

Disable hardware acceleration in your browser(s)...use software rendering.

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Re: Windows 10 apps Crashing with Radeon HD7870

Microsoft is having tons of problems at the moment with UWP on PC...basically, my advice to you would be to only run games on your PC that have been made to run on the PC...As you noted, your Win32 games run fine, which indicates the problem is not in the AMD drivers at all but rather it's in Microsoft's UWP...!  Dump UWP and you should be fine.  Personally, I think UWP is a bad idea that cannot work very well no matter what because there is such a big hardware difference between a PC with a discrete 3d GPU and an xBone.  UWP games are therefore going to look OK on the console and subpar on the PC, etc.  For instance, Quantum Break was one of the ugliest games I've seen on a PC in several years--a fuzzy blur-fest.  It's UWP but the game doesn't scale well at all on a much more powerful PC (much more powerful than the xBone.)  It made the game look as if it was several years old instead of SoA brand-new.

The 7870 clock is supposed to fluctuate between 150MHz/1200MHz when *demand* is put on the GPU, such as running a 3d game or running a high-quality video.  That is normal behavior.

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Journeyman III

Re: Windows 10 apps Crashing with Radeon HD7870

Hi and thanks for your answer!

I yesterday started a thread in the MS support forums and guess what, they told me, it must be an issue with the card than with the UWP since the problem is solved with my 5850. I don't really believe this, but can't definitvely rule it out either.

I don't even use those apps often, so it's not that important in the end, but the Forza Motorsport Apex Beta would have been great to try out.

Since the RX 480 was introduced yesterday, I'm considering buying it, but if there will the same problem, this would be really annoying.

Makes it any sense to buy the RX480 with my system, espacially with that PCIe 2.0 Slot? From what i've read, it makes no difference with only one card beeing used with full x16 bandwith.

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