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Journeyman III

windows 10 and Radeon keeps f*cking up my resolution, which somehow degrades my pc's performance

sorry about the formatting of the image layout my issue is to blame as I cant really see the screen well enough to fix it. but my issue its I've reinstalled windows 10 about 13 times and amd Radeon software every time. They work fine when i do  fresh install but after a week or more(month if I'm lucky) it bleeps up making everything the wrong res. The two screenshots of my desktop are after it happens the things to note are that the Vegas launcher takes up about fourth of the screen up and its like that for everything, its scaled incorrectly and effects everything. Its not malware or any hardware problems I've ran anti virus software more than enough times make dead sure and did hardware test where everything came back normal. so its a software problem. I've tried uninstalling the drivers using amd AMD Cleanup Utility and DDU made it worse after installing the software again. problems are going to get worse like they have before its just now doing the thing where it takes up cpu usage when doing small task and anything cpu focused dies like tf2 where it would stutter and chug despite having no issue before. the worse is when it slows the os to a crawl and i cant do **bleep**. In the last ss you can see the steam friends window is shrunk and up close when it used to display correctly and at be at the right depth/ or scaled properly. the proper res is 1368x768 but it forces 1024x768

i keep thinking was crazy because i went to MS support (never go there they cant ever help in my experiences) they would waste time and tell me to do stuff i had already done and then tell me to just wipe the drive. i know im not because the steam friends is condensed when it  shouldn't and my lock screen the icons are closer to the middle of the screen then they were before. they used to be right at the edge of the screen but are now about half of my thumb closer to the middle. I am pissed because I've tried everything i can think of but to no avail. help is appreciated



Computer Type: Desktop custom build.

GPU:Radeon RX 480 gpu

CPU: 6 core amd Ryzen 5 1600 CPU 3.20 ghz

Motherboard: B450M DS3H

RAM: Viper 16gb of ddr4 ram

PSU: Corsair gold evga 750 g2

Operating System & Version: (64x) Windows 10 Version

normal resnormal res


normal resnormal res


Screenshot (21)_LI.jpgScreenshot (24)_LI.jpg

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