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Adept III

Windows 10 1803 - AMD driver fail

Good day,

I today upgrade my Win 10 to new 1803 release. I installed new AMD driver 18.4.1 for support April release. After half hour Windows Update install old 17.1.1.


1. download this troubleshooter

2. install clean new driver 18.4.1

3. start troubleshooter, Next, Hide update, AMD driver.

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Adept III

Follow the instructions here

Or here if you want to tell windows to roll back to the correct driver How to Uninstall and Block Updates and Drivers on Windows 10

The option is now only No, withoout the sub options, but it should do the same thing. I'm glad you pointed this out, as the windows update had changed this option back to yes for me

And did you report that to Microsoft?

How to report Windows 10 bugs to Microsoft?


Its happened to me with 1 & I know a few others struck the same problem. I have notified MS when it happened I am on really good terms with their support if I strike the odd problem I let them know. All my updates are paused just waiting to see what wacky bugs appear before I attempt it on mine. I usually wait for a month or 2 before I do the annual 10 update. I got 1 I will test it on picked up a R9270OC for a stepsons I had crapvidia driver issues in it throttling it back. Its nothing special but the card I scored I from a Computer repair shop. 3 crapvidias 1 to go lol. I usually test 1 build at a time anyway I wanna get it it ready before he goes to electrical school. Just hoping I get the mongrel but going try a clean 10 then install card & drivers after.  I am still running on 18.2.1 Drivers atm tho 2 other builds they arnt the best but Playing Vermintide 2 medium settings , other stepson playing GT5 & Beta testing.