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Journeyman III

Windows 10 1709 update, cant see full screen. AMD Radeon 6800 Series

Hello all,

Recently my system had some updates, and I can no longer see the whole screen: I cant see the task bar, except for the top sliver of it, if i maximise a window, say Chrome, i cant see all the tabs and the buttons in the top right. See the attached photo. But if I take a screen dump, the computer thinks I can see it all.

I am running:

Windows 10, 64 bit, build 1709.

AMD Radeon HD 6800 series. I have currently got the driver installed from the legacy catalyst software suite (15.200.1062.1004), but I have also tried the Radeon Software Crimson Edition Beta.

Desktop, motherboard ASUSTeK, no model details available. BIOS Megatrends 1502 02/03/2011.

Do you need other hardware requirements?

I've tried installing the legacy drivers, independently and between installs running amdcleanuputility. But the display hasn't been fixed.

If i remove the drivers and run the basic ones that come with Windows, i can see everything, but the resolution is 640x480 and both displays look the same.

Has anyone experienced or have an idea how i can resolve this issue?

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When you have the AMD Driver installed, Under Windows 10 "Settings - Display" What resolution are you showing?  Also are you showing 100% under "Text,APPS,AND OTHER ITEMS" ?


Just tried changing the resolution. It was set to 1920x1080 which was the recommended, and slowly went through each resolution option. After about the 6th change, I realised that you can change the resolution on each display independently (I thought they would change together).

And so, Esltaci, you have solved my problem, thank you!

(also left the text at 100%)

Yep, looks like wrong display resolution