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Adept II

Win10 1903 transparency broken with 19.5.1

Windows 10 1903 (19H1 - '19 May Update) cleaned installed and updated to its latest version (18362.113). Ever since I installed the new drivers (19.5.1) today, the transparent elements of Windows 10 such as the taskbar, Start Menu and the Notification area have lost its transparency effects.

This was not happening while using the previous WDDM 2.6 driver offered through Windows Update (v26.20.11010.4).

My system has a Vega 56 graphics card.

Is anyone else seeing the same issue?


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Happening to me too with a RX 580 GPU.

Trying to turn off then back on the transparency in Windows (along with switching themes) didn't help any. I had to do a clean install of 19.4.3 which allows Windows' transparency effects to work again.

You guys must still have the Preview Windows version since the "Official" Windows April 2019 still hasn't been made available for the public.

AMD doesn't support Preview Windows issues. Once the new Windows is made official then AMD will post Drivers and Support at that time.

It's pretty much confirmed that 18362 is the version going to be released to everyone some time this month. It's been in the release preview ring for nearly a month now and ISOs for it was released to MSDN users (which has always been an indication of a 'final' build), so it's been considered the "RTM" build. I'm using the version downloaded from MSDN, not the release preview version (even though they're the same build).

If what you said is indeed the case, why did AMD promote support for the Windows 10 May 2019 Update in the release notes which would indicate support for 18362, which is very likely the final build for the May 2019 Update that will ship to everyone some time this month?

There's a good chance when the update is pushed to everyone, other users will encounter this issue.

Yep, we're in the exact same boat, and I wholeheartedly agree with you. I mean, I'm just reporting an issue in order to let AMD and others know about it, so that it can be fixed before the new Windows 10 version gets globally available through Windows Update, MCT, and what have you.

elstaci: Pointing fingers and saying this is not AMD's business because we're in the Insider Program, which we aren't, isn't a very meaningful conversation and lead us nowhere.

Just stating a fact.  AMD doesn't support any Windows version that is not considered "Official Release" and not yet available to the public.

Besides, The issue you are having sounds more like a Windows issue than a Graphics Driver issue. Try reporting to Microsoft directly. I know that Insider's Preview Users have a means of contacting Microsoft about issues they encounter in Insider Preview versions. You should do the same.

When Windows becomes official then AMD will try to fix any issues that arises. Between now and the date Windows becomes Official you never know what might occur. Microsoft may end up making some minor or major changes at the last minute. I presume that is why AMD waits till the official release. Remember what happened in the last Official release, the current Windows version.

It is meaningful conversation because you won't get any help from AMD until Windows becomes Official. otherwise you are wasting your time. Even if you are not in Insider Program.

This has been mentioned more than once here at AMD Forums by the AMD Moderators themselves. I am just repeating what they are saying concerning non-official versions.

You might have a legitimate issue and it is possible AMD might be aware of it already from Insider Preview Users.

You failed to read the part where I stated that the previous WDDM 2.6 driver offereded through Windows Update did not exhibit this issue, thus this is clearly a regression from that driver.

I have been a Windows Insider in the past and I've been building and setting up several systems over the last 25 years, and to be frank I will never understand this kind of behavior where it seems everything is always the users' fault. Moreover, this isn't the first time I've reported a genuine problem to AMD. I'm not the enemy, I'm just trying to put this issue on the spotlight so that it can be addressed.

However, next time, maybe I'll choose another way to do so.


This is why the Insider Preview is such a joke...and continues to spew out bad 'upgrades'. They let people who can't read the small print..especially the part about reporting any issue to Microsoft...into the program.

Yes, 100%. Insider Preview is a beta program for microsoft, not every hardware vendor on the planet.

Given the amount of changes and bugs that MS puts in the real versions of Win 10, it's hard enough just keeping up with that.

Except I'm not using an Insider Preview build. I'm using the version released on MSDN:

Which more-or-less means I'm using the *final* version of 1903 (18362). There hasn't been any changes (or increases in build numbers) from 18362. MS has released several cumulative updates to 18362, which is another sign this is the final build of 1903. Furthermore there's no Insider Preview branding, I'm not signed up to the Insider Program nor am I using any Insider Preview builds (or even Release Preview builds for that matter). So I'm not using an Insider Preview build.

AMD probably already knows 18362 is the final build of 1903, due to their working relationship with Microsoft.

From what I gathered you need a MSDN subscription from Microsoft to be able to download that new version of Windows. Also MSDN is for developers and testers according to Wikipedia:

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) is the portion of Microsoft responsible for managing the firm's relationship with developers and testers, such as hardware developers interested in the operating system (OS), and software developers developing on the various OS platforms or using the API or scripting languages of Microsoft's applications. The relationship management is situated in assorted media: web sites, newsletters, developer conferences, trade media, blogs and DVD distribution. The life cycle of the relationships ranges from legacy support through evangelizing potential offerings.[citation needed]

So even though you may have the final version it is still considered to be Preview since it is not available for the general public.

MSDN is another method for Microsoft to test out the Preview version before going "Official".

And the article quotes Microsoft:

"We recommend IT administrators start validating the apps, devices and infrastructure used by their organizations at that time to ensure that they work well with this release before broadly deploying."

At this point, I just hope someone from AMD read this messages. Otherwise, I think that, unfortunately, we're just wasting our time.


They have and probably are aware of this thread.

This AMD Forum are moderated by two AMD Employees:

Ray_M - Technical Support Engineer II

AMDMATT - Technical Support Engineer I

I am sure they will add whatever is AMD opinion concerning this thread if they feel it is important.


These are USER TO USER forums. Nobody from driver development has ever participated in these forums in the time I have been here and seen. AMD gives you one avenue for 2 way communication and that is their support tickets. You can let them know your findings and then you will be talking to them. Here is the link from the contact page:  Online Service Request | AMD 

Thanks for your candid reply.

Adept III

I can confirm this on my system.

Windows 10 v1903, transparency effects works perfectly on 19.4.3 but breaks on 19.5.1 and even 19.5.2.

This is the driver that is supposed to "support" the new Windows 10 v1903 version. It's crazy.

They are still not aware of the Radeon Settings not opening in foreground after a year, so i think we'll have to wait a bit for this to be fixed.

AMD totally dropped the ball on their drivers.

Thanks for also confirming this. I know it's still present with latest drivers 19.5.2.
Anyway, I've already reported this to AMD through an official tech support channel, thus I hope it can be resolved sooner rather than later.


Journeyman III

I can confirm this issue as well. Previous Radeon drivers (19.4.3) were displaying transparency effects properly. 19.5.2 and 19.6.1 have this transparency issue in the Start menu, Taskbar, Action Center and other apps that use Fluent design transparency.