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Adept I

[Win10] 16.4.1 driver makes UAC hang

So around month ago Win10 got larger update which made UAC hang for like 15-30s. Which is really long time.

Today I did update from "16.4.1" to beta Vulkan driver "Apr 19" just because I wanted to see if Dragon Age: Inquisition would have DX11 black flicker fix in it? ..and the UAC became again snappy. Bizarre.

But this kind of bug has been around for at least six years in all Windows by complete random coincidence, and I've been wondering that do these Windows Updates really rekt AMD drivers.

So now I thought it would be good time to write about it as the hang was more obvious, and not just few seconds more boot time or something like that.

The most bizarre thing is that maybe your PC wont get the same crippling effect from same driver, but for some reason my PC will get it, and it doesnt matter if I reinstall the driver. It's still going to cripple my PC for who knows why.

Anyone have experienced this before?

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