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Adept I

Will Radeon Image Sharpening be available for Vega GPUs?

Oh come on guys, Vega is younger than Polaris. What about us, Vega56, Vega64 and Radeon 7 owners? before Navi, Vega was most powerful of your graphics, many of us skipped Polaris to buy Vega or upgraded from Polaris to Vega... Why GCN 4.0 gets RIS, but GCN 5.0 dont, this dont exactly makes any sense. 

I hope that Vega wont be just simply left to rot on driver side with hopes that we simply ditch them.

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Adept II

this is a joke my son's 2016 rx 480 gets it

but my 2018 sapphire nitro+ vega64 doesnt

everyone know's this works on all hardware

enable it on all hardware already



"Those itching for it on their Vega cards will have to continue to wait however as it’s not getting RIS this time around, but it’s good to see the expansion begin."

so hopefully soon for you Vega owners

Adept I

hope it’s just a time/resource thing, how they say better late than never