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Journeyman III

Will not display to my TV anymore

I have had my PC for over a year and a half now, It has always been hooked up to my entertainment center. This includes a television, projector and home theater receiver, No issues at all. A few weeks ago I was helping someone troubleshoot their computer, I uninstalled my GPU and installed theirs, after some testing I reinstalled my GPU to find that it no longer displays to my TV. Trying different things I have figured out it will display fine to an old monitor I have and will display to my TV without drivers installed. Once I install drivers the issue returns. After I install the driver's as long a I don't restart the PC everything works. After it is shutdown the issue starts. I have tried different drivers from 2021 and 2022, the same issue occurs. Sometimes it will display for a few minutes then it starts going in and out then a few seconds later nothing at all. If I start the PC connected to the monitor then switch it to the television the same thing happens, works for a few minutes, cuts in and out then nothing. I have connected it straight to the TV and bypassed the receiver, same issue. It also will not display to my projector anymore. I built this PC for my home entertainment center. Does anyone have any ideas? This is getting pretty frustrating, I haven't been able to use it for weeks. 

I am using an ASRock x570 extreme 4 and the GPU is a R9 furry. The GPU I was testing was a RX 7900xt, it worked fine. 

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