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Adept III

Why was removed Dynamic sync?

Why was removed Dynamic sync from drivers? It works better than Enhanced sync for me.

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Adept II

where was dynamic sync?


Never saw that feature on any AMD card.


Even older Radeon drivers have no Vsync sumilar like Nvidia Adaptive VSync | Technology | GeForce ?

Community Manager

Dynamic Sync was not removed from our drivers as we have never used it. 

So, radeon never had similar feature as Nvidia Adaptive VSync? Why its very useful?

And why Dinamyc sync present in RadeonPRO and RadeonMod? This a fake and not work?


No, we have never supported Adaptive Sync.

RadeonPro and RadeonMod are third party tools and not created by AMD. 

Journeyman III

The removal of Dynamic Sync from drivers has left many users wondering why this feature, which worked better for them than Enhanced Sync, was discontinued. Dynamic Sync was a technology that aimed to improve the synchronization between a graphics card and a monitor, reducing screen tearing and stuttering during gameplay.

The decision to remove Dynamic Sync can be attributed to a few factors. First, driver updates often focus on optimizing performance and stability, and sometimes older or less commonly used features are deprecated to streamline development efforts.

Secondly, Enhanced Sync may have been chosen as the preferred option due to its broader compatibility and more robust feature set. Enhanced Sync also offers a similar experience by minimizing screen tearing and enhancing gaming performance.

However, it's essential to remember that user experiences can vary widely depending on hardware configurations, game titles, and personal preferences. Some users may indeed find that Dynamic Sync worked better for them. If there is a significant demand for the return of Dynamic Sync, it might be worth submitting feedback to the driver provider, as they often consider user input when deciding on future features and improvements. In the meantime, users seeking Dynamic Sync alternatives may explore third-party software solutions or experiment with in-game V-Sync settings to find the best option for their specific needs.



Naina Sharma