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Adept III

Why oh why did i update!

Things were looking better. 20.2.1 wasn't perfect but it was a step in the right direction, things were great for a week.Then I updated the AMD software to 20.4.1. Huge Mistake. 20.4.1 is another pile of garbage and with every fix comes 3 new bugs. Lately when I have the amd software running it causes extreme fluctuations in FPS and none of my settings seem to do anything. An example of this is i turn Vsync on and my fps still exceeds the refresh rate of my monitor. If i shut the software down before opening my game I have no issues, but now I have no idea if freesync is on or off, or what settings are enabled.

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Need information on your computer setup and how your monitor is connected to the GPU or Motherboard.

Do you have Freesync enabled in your Monitor?

Some Monitors have two versions of Freesync: Basic & Premium.

If your monitor has those two settings. Try both and see if it helps any.


No.This is not my issue and I will not try to troubleshoot. Nothing changed except the version of AMD's software. My setup was working great last week, Freesync was working and things were stable.


Okay, best if someone else can help you then.

Take care.


I appreciate the reply but I was not asking for help at all. I am simply reporting an issue with the new version of AMD's software. Not sure where you saw that i was asking for help.


You should have made that point clearer in your post explaining that it was an opinion rather than a problem you are having with AMD drivers.

AMD Forum is User to User Forum and not official AMD SUPPORT. 

I suggest you let AMD SUPPORT  ( ) know of the problem you found with Freesync by opening a AMD Service Request (AMD SUPPORT) to make them aware of what you found out about Freesync and AMD driver.

This is not an opinion it is simply error reporting. There are AMD employees that read these forums. I am also expressing my frustration at the fact that we are moving backwards with drivers. I would sell my 5700XT and move on from AMD already (My patience with AMD has run out) but nobody will buy my card because of these shameful drivers.

Yes, AMD Forum is run by AMD Employees (Moderators). But they only get involved if they feel it is something really important or widespread. Then they may open a ticket to AMD Support or whatever dept is involved.

Otherwise you as a User are the one that needs to notify AMD Support directly to let them know.

If you want other Users to know what you found out then AMD Forum is the place to do that. But for error reporting you must go directly to AMD Support to make them aware.

There is actually a fix for the 5700XT but its for MSI so far. There is also the suggestion others have made due to testing an fixes.

hang on got a video.

Fixing AMD`s broken drivers