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Journeyman III

Why is the Radeon RX 6500 TX currently not supported on Oculus Link? (fix ideas?)

Hey I hope y'all had a good day already, I bought myself a RX 6500 TX a few days ago, so I can finally have a bit more FPS than I had before.

So here comes the problem:

I switched my GPU with my GTX 1050 Ti and reinstalled the Oculus Application. I put on my Quest (1) and opened the Oculus Link.

I have an infinity Loadingscreen or a blackscreen in my quest, and Oculus Hub is not starting. When i start (for example) VRChat through the application on the pc, I start to see what the Headset should be showing, everything works the gyroscope, the controller etc.

I dont know how to fix it, Im in contact with the Oculus Support already, also other people had the same issue with the GPU.

So can someone explain me why it isnt working right now? (Support says because its so "new") + do you think they will ever make it possible with this GPU?

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