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Adept III

Why is the 5700 driver so sensitive to RAM?

Why when I overclock my RAM to 3266+ MHz, I get a driver crash during games?
I overclocked the RAM to 3466mhz (18-19-19-38) 1.4v, two day for continuous tests, including some games.
However, I decided to play Watch Dogs2, and got two crashes and driver crashes in an hour gaming. I returned to my old 3200 (14-17-16-34) 1.4c(4 months without failures), and played for 6 hours without crashes.
I took 1070 from a friend and again dispersed the memory to the same 3466 MHz. And played without a problem in Watch Dogs2 almost the whole day - no complaints. I also overclocked the memory to 3533 1.45v - also without problems.
Why can not I overclock my RAM more than 3200 with AMD and can up to 3533 with Nvidia?

i have 2600x, hyperx 3333(XMP) and b450m bazooka v2 by MSI.

PS: 1070, although weaker than 5700, but with it there are no microstatters and twitching, which pursues 5700 in Watch Dogs2.

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You will not get answers from AMD here. 

Adept II

Have you ran Memtest86 with your overclock settings to test for errors?
It could be an issue between it and the 5700, but it's also possible you don't have "lots" of errors, and it was just by chance it wasn't running into any with the 1070.

Again, not saying it isn't an issue with ram/5700, but best to eliminate the overclock throwing errors for sure.

As for the stutters... that's a rabbit hole. My guess is it's low gpu usage, seems like plenty of folks (myself included) are still having those issues.

Community Manager

If you get a crash it means your memory overclock is not stable, it really is as simple as that.

It would be really simple if I hadn’t had 2060 before 5700. I used it from May to July, with a frequency of RAM 3333 MHz (xmp profile), and it worked perfectly. I sold it at a good price, I was annoyed by the squeak of chokes. But after the purchase of 5700 problems began ...
Do you think anyone will sin on RAM after such a long period of trouble-free use? I think no. And there wasn’t such a thought. Moreover, with each failure, only the AMD driver crashes. This leads to incorrect thoughts about the quality of the driver and the health of the video card.
By the way, I’m not the only one, at least in the Russian-language segment of such situations quite a lot lately.

PS: And when I talk about "failure" of memory I am talking about a "black screen". Each time only the driver crashes. Again and again.

PS2: The problem has already been resolved. I created this theme so that people with black screens pay attention to their RAM. Maybe this will help someone.


RAM and VRAM works in tandem . It might be that AMD drivers are just a crap that stresses the RAM controller more. Or your PC is more stressed because it runs with higher framerates on your GPU. I don't know, but i rather suspect AMD solution. 


Memtest86 is not a good memory stress testing tool.  I would use TestMem 5 with 1usmus config since you are using Ryzen.


check your OC with this program


ASRock RX7900GRE Steel Legend, i5 13600K, Asrock Z690 PG Riptide, 32gb ddr4 4000mhz.
Adept III

Yes, I did memtest86 tests from bootable media. Checked aida64 for 8 hours. For days I drove a testmem5 with a preset of 1usmus, etc.