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Why doesn't my profile activate?

I have a Vega 64 and I'm very exited about the concept and so far the performance. However I have had several issues with the drivers until the release of the latest version 19.1.2. Mostly I had issues with recommendations such as updating my drivers to the same version, installation failing to initiate, complete or in some cases removing the settings utility as far back as version 17. 

What is my problem?

The drivers use of profiles. Before I actually took it upon myself to manually control the activation and manual configuration the drivers simply added a profile similar to the default Global profile but with a very weak fan profile resulting in temperatures nearing 70c during 15% - 35% GPU load. This struck me as odd and explained the unexpected silence. 

My first action were to manually configure the individual profiles

This works alright until I leave a profile active while launching the associated process (exempli gratia Far Cry 5, Adobe Premiere) and aforementioned profile simply doesn't activate. I tried activating the profile post launching the associated process and that actually worked. Well, I could tell that the settings were applied from behavioral or rather by observing aesthetical  differences. If I had to pick one "tell" frame-rate cap or chill function would suddenly activate.


Before I make an already boring read even more so, I will list issues in order of urgency:

  • Why doesn't the driver settings react and adapt to executed associated processes?
  • It sometime seems that observing a WattMan profile histogram in real-time while ending
    a process associated with a profile the AMD Radeon settings application some times
    quits (doesn't crash)
  • Programs running on older AMD Radeon graphic cards (Like R9 390X) works with all of the Adobe CC library, PS, PP, AE, et cetera.  With my new Vega 64 I actually required some 'mea judiciis ex fecer errata errata', trial and error,  to get past some sudden crashes. Almost none of the Performance settings related to Hardware acceleration support seem to get along very well with my MSI RX Vega 64 OC Edition.

If anyone have any experience with profile issues or know a good way to prohibit the driver settings component to limit it's freedom (like never adding or activating profiles without user input) that would be of great help.

Also, if you know the best way to utilize the full potential of my card with applications heavily dependent on OpenCL to do so, that's also valuable.

I bet there's a lot of great ideas and minds that have spent a lot of time on this and I am grateful of all help I can get!

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Volunteer Moderator

There has been some issues with the profile settings not overriding the global settings with some cards and some drivers. The 'fix'  was to enable 'histogram' in the profile and everything worked as expected. Don't know just works. Since you seem to have histogram enabled..that rules that out as a cause.

The other possibility is third party graphics you have Afterburner installed on your computer?

As your issues to AMD > AMD Issue Reporting Form