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Journeyman III

Why does AMD software not work for geometry dash?

For some reason AMD software doesn't work for gd when ever I try to record or use instant replay it just records a black screen, and I know I can put gd on windowed and record stuff but my game starts to have a lot of frame drops.

Also I can't show fps for some reason but every other game works fine.

If anyone knows the best settings for gd in the graphics setting please let me know.

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I've run into a similar issue with Radeon Relive and screenshots.

Some screenshots come out great. Some just come out black screen while others come out very tiny and you can't expand the picture without severely degrading its detail.

In all these instances I ran the exact same resolution and refresh rate.

Don't know what causes the issue but with the problems I've experienced with windows 10 interfering with AMD software it wouldn't surprise me if MicroSoft is the culprit.