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Journeyman III

Why does amd adrenalin 2020 CPU usage is from 15 to 20%?

I'm currently using Acer Nitro 5 AN515-42 ryzen 7 2700U with vega graphics and its discrete graphic card RX 560x 4GB. This problem occurred when updating my drivers to 20.1.1. I want to know why this happens, it eats up 1 thread and in a speed of around 3.0 GHZ to 3.5GHZ. How do I resolve this? Thanks in advance.

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This has been a long standing problem for Radeon users, Not sure what is wrong but ordinarily it should be < 1% CPU usage.

check to be sure the BIOS for your motherboard is updated


Is there a way that I can report this to AMD? This is kinda annoying. I was hoping for their new drivers will be good since they've change a lot of things. For now I'm killing the radeon software from task manager. I hope they fix this soon, really hoping.