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Journeyman III


I have 2 video cards, and only the integrated one works on the discrete one, the discrete one doesn’t work at all, one amd radeon r6 grafic seconda radeon r7 m360 for monitoring in the new 2020 drivers doesn’t mean the second video card really works, how to fix it, I want a normal game, and not crippled.

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A tad more info please > 

amd r7 m36092gb) / amd raDEON R6 GRAphic

windows 10(64 bit)

laptop Hp pavilon 17-g156ur

8 gb mem

amd a10 8700p


The 'switchable' function has been removed from the graphics drivers for Win10 starting with the new 'Adrenalin 2020'. The option is now located under  'Display' of your computer...."Graphics'.

Please read this: Laptop graphics update...How to 

Do you have any yellow marks in Device Manager/display?

Here is where and how you select the proper driver for your laptop APU: 

ALL DRIVERS are updated to the latest version, I even set the high performance mode for all the games I play, but judging by the FPS monitor monitoring program and even the drivers themselves (driver software 2020, version 20.03.1), the second (discrete) video card does not It works and does not load, but it is working, and in the device manager there are no yellow icons, if they were, I would deal with them. But I forgot about the update of the processor drivers, now I’ll update it, but this will not help with video cards.


While playing a game you think is not using the Performance graphics, run Hardware monitor...see what it says > Open Hardware Monitor - Core temp, fan speed and voltages in a free software gadget 

Have you checked for a bios update? Official HP® Drivers and Software Download | HP® Customer Support 


with the help of this program, I finally made sure that the card does not load at all, it displays, but does not load, but I can’t attach a screenshot, the site does not let


Maybe there are some more tips? And then the laptop cost a lot, but in fact does not work out its own.


Many laptops require drivers supplied by the manufacturer. Did the latest driver come from you laptops maker or the AMD site. The AMD driver is a "vanilla" driver and can't account for customization made for your laptop by the manufacturer. This is an extremely common practice.

I would suggest you run DDU from wagnardsoft_com and load the last driver on your laptop makers site. See if that helps. If it is way out of date, for instance no support for current games, I would contact the support department of your laptops maker and inquire why no new driver. If they just send you to AMD for the driver then they are no longer interested in updating drivers, and that happens a lot too. This is why laptops in general don't make the best gaming solutions. Anyway if nothing else report the issue with the current drivers to AMD: